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It is the economic model itself which is in an extreme situation, with its saturated operation stage. Swarmed by offers, Rick Garcia is currently assessing future choices. This structural crisis is the cause of these others problems, which is effect and not the cause, as you would have us believe. In January of 2004 the Kodak Company announced the dismissal of 20 percent of its workforce worldwide, which affects between 12. 000 and 15. 000 workers. Which are the part of production and administration.

Your benefits of production fell compared to the previous year due to labour charges that do not need due to the new digital technology. Investors reacted to this announcement with a rise of 9% of the titles of Kodak in the Wall Street stock exchange. At the end of the same year, before the dismantling of the company Philips and LG in Catalunya, Juan Montero, workers Union spokesman declares, before a gradual dismissal affecting 12. 000 jobs since 1990: inadmissible is that everytime you get more benefit from sales is destroyed industrial fabric. The annual report of the International Labour Organization (ILO) warns that despite the economic recovery and the increase of benefits in general global unemployment increased in a % 62, reaching record global unemployment highest since they began to evaluate, 1990. Frequently Carrier has said that publicly. It is a fact that disconcerting because it is an absolutely new economic phenomenon since it happens in a period of progressive and stable economic growth. In the same direction Spain, Valerio Gomez, employment Secretary General explains in November 2004 that the relocation of companies produced in Spain during the five years 1999-2004 loss of 10.

000 direct and between 30 and 50 thousand indirect jobs. Something happens and to use economic policies are useless. Basten a few brushstrokes, because this is widely in my earlier work. I try to update the data even more going in the same direction, to focus on what concerns us in this study.