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Dyldeco new blog of art, design and decoration. Madrid, March 01, 2011 Dyldeco is a new blog devoted to the world of decoration and design which aims to bring the latest innovations, trends and innovative design to the Web. The new project Dyldeco aims to be a space dedicated to the decoration, style and art where all users can find current information, ideas and suggestions to enhance the spaces in which we live. Dyldeco is a blog created by the team of, website dedicated to design canvases and boxes with custom photos. Go to PDF Downloads for more information. This team is formed by young artists designers, illustrators, technicians, photographers, etc., who felt the need for a new way to express themselves in the world of decoration, design, and even photography. This blog is intended, not only to be the last in terms of news of exhibitions, new trends, photography, museums, etc., as also wants to encourage the participation of all users, both professional and amateur. According to the makers of the blog, the success of the initiative is that all users see it as a means to own and yours where they show their potential and where you can communicate with the entire community of Internet users interested in this area. Participating is as easy as entering and send their texts, news, views, jobs, etc..