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Jiu-jitsu (the art of flexibility) is a martial art developed by the warrior class of Japan, known as Bushi (warrior) or samurai (serve). These methods of attack on seals in making projections , or a detention submissions, chokes and keys to generate pressure or pain in certain parts of the body by supplementing with blows (punches and kicks). The origins of Jiu-Jitsu can be traced back to over two thousand years in India in those days, Indian pilgrims, they would be constantly attacked by barbarian tribes of Mongols, who were also extremely violent and physique and strength were of you most impressive of the peoples of Asia at that time. The Indians, inferior in stature and strength, were the need to create a kind of defense that had no basis of physical force. The first techniques developed under the principle of conducting lever against the force of the opponent. Then come to China and then to Japan where it was adopted by the classes warrior. There are several theories of how these techniques came to Japan. The first and most accepted, tells us that during the sixteenth century, a Chinese named Chin “Young-Gen-Pin, developed a series of papers, explaining how to perform certain techniques which consisted of a few projections are intended to kill or knock out the opponent. Chin-Young-Gen-Pin, traveled to Japan, the region known as Edo (now Tokyo) in the region meets three samurai, Quine was forbidden to bear arms, these samurai decided to buy the letters to China, then these samurai expanded and refined the techniques described by Chin.