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Delay of language: it is a common antecedent. Some had arrived to consider that it is about a constant problem, but not apparent, being disclosed in fact for the suplemental difficulties inherent to the reading. Upheavals of lateralizao: the studies show that the frequency of left-handed children and children badly lateralizadas would be understood between 30 and 50% between the dislxicas children. Upheavals of space-weather organization: the confusions between letters of identical, but inverted forms in the space (p-q, b-d), and the difficulties to catch the spontaneous rhythm of the phrase are in the origin of the hypothesis concerning a disturbance of the organization of the space and time in the dislxicas children. Its incapacity described to reproduce the perceived rhythmic structures in the hearing, as well as its sufficiently frequent errors in the orientation right-left. SIGNALS OF DISLEXIA As Estill (2005) exist diverse visible signals in the behaviors and notebooks of the children, who can assist to the parents and educators precociously to identify to some preditivos aspects of dislexia indicating Signals of dislexia: the difficulty to read, to write and to spell reveals for different difficulties in each etria and academic band. In the Daily pay-School, daily pay-alfabetizao can be observed: delayed acquisition of speaks, constantly wrong pronunciation of some syllables, slow growth of vocabulary, problems in following routines, difficulty in learning colors, numbers and copying its proper name, lack of ability for fine motor tasks (to button, to moor shoe), not to obtain to tell a history known in correct sequence, not to memorize names or symbols, difficulties in catching a ball. At the beginning of basic education – Alfabetizao the identified difficulties more: it speaks, to learn the alphabet, planning and motor execution of letters and numbers, hold of the pencil, fine motricidade and corporal project, to separate and to seqenciar sounds (former: p-a-t it), auditory abilities you rhyme, to discriminate fonemas of similar sounds: t/d; g/j; p/b.), differentiation of letters with spatial orientation: d/b; d/p small graphical differences: e/a; j/i; n/m; u/v, secular orientation (yesterday, today, tomorrow, months of the year), spatial orientation (diffuse lateralidade, confuses right and left, under and on) execution of the cursiva letter.