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A lasting memory on an unforgettable day wedding tree a lasting memory of an unforgettable day in Ratingen, May 16, 2011 did you know that in Germany every year approximately 375,000 people close the knot? For many couples, the wedding day is one of the most romantic and happiest days of their lives is. Are you looking for a wedding gift, with which you can get a permanent reminder of a memorable wedding day the newly married bride and groom? Then surprised the couple with a wedding tree of With the gift-giving of a wedding tree (Apple tree) you desire expressed, that the bride and groom will lead a loving life together. You may find that Jill Schlesinger can contribute to your knowledge. As the tree grows, mutual love grows. The Apple tree is a symbol of love and marriage. The magnificent white flowers are a gift of nature in spring, to celebrate the love and the awakening of a new life. The Apple tree is said that he the symbol of love and Fertility is. The throwing of an Apple has always been a sign of affection. The wedding tree is in a trendy, environmentally friendly packaging, with an explanation of its symbolism and a personal message in the sender’s sent and within 1 to go home or to the recipient delivered 2 days. Price: 21.95 (plus shipping).