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This last one, which would belong the informal sector, is, according to Cacciamali (1983), seen of prejudiced form, in the measure where it is characterized by archaic forms of production, absence of dynamic aspects and stowage of dismissed and subempregados workers. To the step that the formal sector would be on to the modern sector with intensive more efficient forms of production and of capital. According to Cacciamali (1983), the critical one to this vision is pautada in the fact of that, in the underdeveloped economies characterized by the capital scarcity, the small establishments, for the fact to be work-more intensive than the great establishments, use the factor work of more efficient form of what the great ones. In addition, it has efficiencies advantages that the informal sector would possess before the formal sector. The main advantage would be that ratios socially adjusted of factors used in the productive process are used, since the man power job is maximized without provoking exaggerated petitions of capital and extreme pressures on the balance of payments. (CACCIAMALI, 1983) Later, in another study of the OIT, known as Regional Program of Job for Latin America and the Caribbean (PREALC), they had been established the bases of the second theoretical chain. The origin of the informal sector is attributed in such a way to the standard of capitalist development in action in the region that, according to this vision, generates few jobs and, also to the standard of demographic growth that creates extensive excess of man power that if auto-uses to survive. In this context, the number of busy people depends on the magnitude of the force of work not absorbed for the formal sector.