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God’s chosen people determines our crops sustainably. The smallest Western religion is considered for historical reasons, especially in Germany with particular caution. A brief description of the main rules of Judaism will show that historically the following Christianity and Islam here derive his daily religious practice. In Europe, we speak of a Judeo Christian Western culture. Islam has contributed much later, some practical achievements but hardly sound philosophies.

Arabian religions, chronological summary (extract): The Egyptian religion is a past religion with many gods, which has left its undeniable influence on today’s cultures and religions. Judaism is based on the belief in one God, freed the people of Israel from Egyptian bondage. At Mount Sinai, the Israelites of God have received bids. Jesus Christ announced the coming Kingdom of God in Palestine in the early first century. He came into conflict with the then but religious and political establishment. God’s Word has become for the book Muslims: the Qur’an.

The Prophet Muhammad was the recipient of this by an Angel in Embassy announced the sixth century A.d.. Source: Jesus and Muhammad (c. 600 ad) relied on Abraham and were Jewish prophets! You justified their abrahamitisch monotheistic religions of the book with their own conceptions of God: Christianity and Islam. The life rules based on Moon – months: Jews and Muslims with variable holiday dates. The Sun in the Centre of the world: Christians with fixed holiday dates. The Jews are a people and a religion at the same time, the first abrahamitisch book monotheism. This can be attributed to the forefather Abraham. Christians are just religious followers, like Muslims. Arabs are ethnic groups such as German folk member. Democrats are political. The Government is appointed by the people as the sovereign of Jews and Muslims located on a private religious ‘God’s nation’. The Sharia and the Torah as a politico legal normative law and moral religious rules.