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Not immediately, but quickly checking several guards come in our car, carefully looking around, asking to open a suspicious bag. Then include a few more, their task is to check the passport, put the print … Considering the number of people second-class carriage, everything goes relatively quickly. For even more analysis, hear from snoring mouthpiece. Any information they give the conductor. One of the train, standing in front of our already uehal.Posle all the fuss guards are gone and the conductor put out the light.

So, after a pause, and again we hit the road. I'd already begun to rejoice, but it is too early. A couple of hours about the same thing again at the Ukrainian border. The two hours we'll be in no man's land. And while I I will listen to lounge music in the player, so it was not boring. To experiment, switch to the radio, and suddenly something there.

But there were only radio interference. So I will listen to the lounge. Part 5: Listening to music a few minutes I decided it was better will nevertheless try to sleep the two hours. And the battery in the player must keep. I was able to sleep easily, but wake up to the last do not want. At the Ukrainian border all occurred on the same scenario, only faster. Fall asleep again was not so easy. I trailed a long time without finding a position that would allow a person with my height to fit this is not the most convenient place. However, you can get used to, it's much better than travel by bus. The last time thinking about me soon waiting for the perfect vacation, I fell into a shallow sleep. Then waking, then dozing off again, once I noticed that the orange dawn had already begun to illuminate all around. This means that boredom is over, you can wake up and watch the road. And by the way, it's time to rejoice that the two recently traversed edge, we have overcome without any problems. They left behind. And ahead … you guessed it! An ideal holiday. Other people start waking up too soon. While it is possible to photograph a couple of species outside the window. Around is enchanting mist first photographs from the trip will come good. And then, twisted mattress, abandoned his at the top and have breakfast with a friend. Well that all yummy we complete. By tea, sandwiches and is Rising, bright sun, we talk about plans for the first and the remaining days of rest will go like never good. Part 6: It is amazing how quickly people get used to anything. Types of solar flickering nature of the window, already looks quite ordinary. When I lay down in the middle of the day, I was not dragged, and almost immediately fell asleep and slept for an hour. Then again, lounge music, again, sandwiches, noodles bathed in boiling water, a couple of bananas …. we ate a lot, probably nothing better to do. It is unlikely that could happen here is something new, 3 / 4 of the way is left behind. Most beautiful stops already passed. Soon again will decline. But then we finally arrive in Kherson. From there, a bit on the bus and we in the Iron port. The ideal vacation, again I think of you. As you know dreams tend to come true. Dreaming useful in every sense of occupation. That has come true and my old dream.