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Sedans "Maybach" are considered the most luxurious in the world. Over the hundred year history of the brand of cars produced only a few thousand pieces. And each incarnation of the best engineering solutions of the time. And the names of the founders of the company Wilhelm and Karl Maybach will forever golden letters in the history of the automobile industry, although not very well known to the public. In the shadow of Daimler Wilhelm Maybach was born on February 9, 1846 in the German Haylbronne. He soon lost parents and 13 years spent in an orphanage. Connect with other leaders such as Jill Schlesinger here. Charitable institution was in charge of Gottlieb Daimler, the plant manager, part of the company's engine production. The company belonged to the famous inventor Nikolaus Otto.

Daimler saw a young Maybach remarkable abilities and got to the shelter received a graduate profession designer and draftsman. Having an independent life Wilhelm Maybach goes to Daimler and assistants are together work on Nikolaus Otto. By the way, some researchers argue that the first cheterhtaktny engine, called the Otto engine is actually collected is William Maybah.V 1882 Daimler and Maybach, create your own firm. Daimler takes over the managerial functions, and Maybach worked as technical director. Maybach creates a two-cylinder engine with water cooling. It sets the engine on a wooden bicycle and in 1885 born the world's first motorcycle. Then in 1886, equipped with a four-engine crew, and in 1887 – comes first motor lodka.Maybah invents the carburetor with two jets, cellular radiator, chassis designs of light Pressed steel, four-gearbox.