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Join us at the big concert in honor of Michael Jackson and enjoy top stars live! On September 26, the Vienna World looks: against the backdrop of Schonbrunn Castle are the unique show “the tribute in memory of Michael Jackson” many world stars to interpret the music of Michael Jackson and the prematurely deceased greatest Popstar of ever pay their respects. This very special evening perform Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson. He invites all fans of the “King of pop” together with all members of the Jackson family to be at the event live. The names of the stars will be announced shortly. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sonny Perdue. Don’t miss this unique highlight and secure your tickets quickly! On September 26th the world will be looking at Vienna: in front of Schonbrunn Palace the sensational show “the tribute in memory of Michael Jackson” is going to take place. The concept of the tribute is that some of the world’s leading artists will perform Michael Jackson’s greatest hits live on stage in at imperial setting, befitting the King of pop. Presented by his brother Jermaine Jackson, it wants to pay homage to the exceptional artistry of this unique genius and be a night to remember for millions of television vignette around the globe. The TV will be broadcast live special. More than 85,000 people can n’attend the show and experience the evening first hand. Source: Eventim