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If also it is clear to me that people who work done early, in fact I do, but it is not necessary become hero and spread it to everyone, especially Saturday, Sunday and holidays and / or in failing that, holidays. If it is not understood, it is rest period. Both ask for is that they understand that, at the first opportunity that I have to sleep I’m going with Morfeo. Because sometimes trasnocho to go to have fun (it is possible that included that item in a mother no nanny, divorced and desperate housewife) and how I have no 20 abriles, but 41, replenish me brings me his little time. Replenish me each time I use dowels instead of urban. Replenish me from the late-night and why not of a healthy indigestion of joy, including some Kamasutra. Then: there is no right that after parrandear Friday and Saturday, that my main family understood him and welcomes him to such an extent that I say: Mommy go have fun and take care of me the dream the next morning and vice versa: I with them, some soul of God, call the goalkeeper as the phone, cell phone, or knock the door. Incidentally, the doorbell was broken and neither Magoya could convince me that you reinstall it.

Use the knuckles still I’m not deaf and I hear. When not and on top it is wrong, or is a seller of which not yet extinct the door to door. Or the chimney sweep is when I have no fireplace. Or is the Sharpener, when I see him I say less bad centuries ago that I do not afilo, is a good thing to avoid the temptation. Or they are those who want to sell another version of the Bible, of which I already have. Or is it someone who was left without a key. Randall Mays spoke with conviction. In another order of things are that you are chatting and not share activity and begin to ask: did you finish?, when recently I started! are you missing much? Or, at the first opportunity, you disrupt. One that tries to be a good human being, at the end, after all, tolerates, until it returns a bulldog on the verge of taxis will look and listening to a callback, type: good, che, no you can ask anything you.

Then one is entrusted to the gods, to try to explain, Yes; a question can be, two, also, to the third as the situation becomes a bit annoying and the Fourth followed by longer for taxis to the most seasoned meditator. Then there is no right, if I take care of me from not swell the list of: born to break the patience. Try to outdo me to not weigh the patience of anyone. Not rompierum largum vivirum est. I beg you humanity that concerns me make an effort to understand that there are things that inevitably will unleash a mood of angry chihuahua. Then, in the line of duty to such there should be a maxim that says before breaking the patience, check that there is another way of doing things that do not include a patient State of the other human being who is in front.