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But I'm still a person. I can not do everything, but I can do something. I will not refuse to do "something" I can do. "(HK)" The night of blindness has its wonders. The night of ignorance and insensitivity is the only impenetrable darkness. Misfortune of the blind is immense, irreparable.

But it deprives us share with our fellow altruistic action, friendship, humor, imagination and wisdom. "(HK). Helen is an example of wanting to make some differences based on their abilities rather than disabilities, will always be an example of what he achieved, done and the example that brings constancy. Few will remember what I could not achieve due to their disabilities. "You have to live by learning to recognize what is good in the bad and what is wrong with the good" if we base our lives so we do not have, we will always be people with deficiencies, if we base our chances and potential will be full persons, made capable of being and giving. "Learn to see the child as he is, love of truth is the principle of all education, not mean that we will limit our beliefs that they can achieve or Gd forbid you to limit, because of our own limitations. "Too many people consider us a phenomenon strange. When we walk around, stare at us as if we were a freak. For me, being disabled is like being in jail, but my chair (wheel) is like a window through which I can show my face to the sun.