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The Passport is a travel document and identity (it is not citizenship or residence or replace the certificate of marital status) to which the citizen has the right to leave the territory of the Republic or to re-enter it. Usually the regular passport is valid “for all countries whose governments are recognized by the Italian government” and for a period of five years. It can be renewed – even before its expiry and within six months subsequent to it – for another five years. Ten years after the date of issuance, a passport may not be renewed. In the case of consular repatriation may be issued only to make the trip. For male citizens between the ages of 17 and 45 subject to military service is necessary to regularize their military situation.

For applicants who have minor children need the consent of the other spouse. DOCUMENTATION MUST BE SUBMITTED TO APPLY THE ISSUE / RENEWAL OF PASSPORT? REMEMBER THAT EACH APPLICANT IS THE PASSPORT MUST BE REGISTERED IN THE RECORDS OF THE AIR For people who are not residents the issue / re-validate the passport is subject to the execution of an administrative may mean a delay in processing times which can not be established in advance for the issue / validates an Italian passport, the applicant shall provide documentation showing that actually has Italian citizenship. Those born in Argentina or in another country other than Italy, the passport can apply only when the record for obtaining Italian citizenship was completed.