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And indeed all the buttons buttoned to the throat and on her head – a hat, cap, or even a scarf. But that's not all: when in hazardous locations need to examine themselves and their satellites, each about 10-20 minutes. – Personal protection. Such protection from ticks at the same time with the selection of clothes can be highly effective. To protect the special tools used against insect bites (sprays, sprays, ointments). An example is the aerosol Gardex Extreme from mites." They can handle the clothes. And for the best protection is used also means "spray-repellent Gardex Extreme, which is applied to the skin.

It does not kill mites, but may scare them. – Vaccination against diseases carried by ticks. This, of course, prevention of disease rather than a tick bite. Vaccinations are set out in two rounds and required those who frequently and the debt is in the forest (tourists, students on field practice, geologists expedition, etc.). – Elimination of mites by fumigation, ie spray-specific drugs. This is the best way, which is used in the pioneer camp, town squares and parks, and in recent years and in private country sites. Ticks on the cottages and suburban areas of term pest control involves methods and means of combating arthropods (insects and mites) that carry infectious diseases, crippling food and agricultural products and humans.

Disinsection engaged professionals. Which will apply a special chemical preparations, for spray and know protective measures, so as not to poison themselves by the same drugs. Today, every major city in more than there are companies that offer services to fumigation, as well as other related services (eg control of rodents, mosquitoes, area cleaning, etc.). Disinfestation suburban area of 15-20 acres will cost 4-6 thousand rubles. How do I know whether ticks in your yard? – To determine whether the mites can take towel and wipe them sweat and drag him through the bushes and grass. And then take a close look at the towel. Mites will move onto the towel. Apart from the treatment area may offer a number of measures profilaktichsekih. We are capable to minimize the number of ticks on your own site. That achieve the desired result one must simply observe the procedure on the site: – always cut lawns, clean up residues, raking fallen leaves. On the site can not be cluttered places – near the site to arrange a barrier of gravel or sawdust – to fight with the mice. Rodents main kormitel larval ticks. They also infect ticks and encephalitis. What to do if bitten by ticks all the same? Mite get to the open area, absorbed into the skin. Moreover, until he bites into the skin can be itchy, and then – have not felt anything since tick releases its anesthesia. If you remove a tick, be careful not to tear off the head of the tick, which is located under the skin. Grab the tick with tweezers body or fingers wrapped in gauze and pull it slow, smooth movements. Or tie a thread on the place tick sucking and pulling the thread ends to the sides, pull out of the body. After surgery, the bite and your hands should must be disinfected. In any case, consult your doctor. In every city you can find a specialized laboratory or hospital ward, where to be vaccinated against encephalitis after tick bite. You can also survey of the tick for disease. So do not throw it away and take with you. Perhaps the doctors immediately examined pulled out the tick and calm, they say, okay, the mite is not contagious.