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In recent years, becoming more and more expensive to travel to Petra, Jordan, as the authorities of the kingdom, wanting to revive the hospitality of Jordan, Petra raise prices for tourists who come to Petra for one day. Therefore, our company has developed a special program which involves an overnight stay in Aqaba. After crossing the border and help the Jordanian tour guide will transport you to the city of Aqaba which is located just a short drive from border with Jordan, where you will be accommodated in 4 * hotel, after dinner which is included in your trip you will have the opportunity to walk along the waterfront of the city. In the morning our representative will pick you and you begin to ride into the city and the red stone. Total before Pery about two hours' drive along the road you will see the famous valley of Wadi Rum Ram.Vadi – a wonderful place, timeless and virtually untouched by civilization. Credit: Symantha Rodriguez-2011. Unobstructed views of the valley created only due to the nature, the wind and vode.Vidy Wadi Rum is so unusual that many fantastic movies have been filmed there. The desert is in Jordan, a national park. Interest are the attractions of rock (for climbers), safari tours in jeeps and rock paintings, many of which are still not well understood.

After a brief tour we come to Peter, and thanks to the fact that you spent the night in Jordan, the cost of your tour will be much cheaper. Today, about half a million tourists come to Jordan every year to look at Peter, whose structure is indicative of its glorious past. When visitors pass through a cool canyon sik long kilometer-by-turn them to open the Treasury – a majestic building with a facade, carved out of a huge rock. This is one of the best preserved structures of the first century. The building is crowned by a huge urn of stone, in which allegedly stored gold and precious stones – hence the name "Treasury".

Canyon is gradually increasing, and tourists come in a natural amphitheater, the sandstone walls of which many of the caves. But the main thing that catches your eye – it is carved in the rock tombs. Colonnade and an amphitheater indicate the presence of the Romans in the first and second centuries. Bedouins offer weary travelers a ride on a camel, sells souvenirs and watered their flock of goats in the urban sources of water that quench the thirst of people and animals.