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in the context of the 25th anniversary of slaughterhouse stage within the framework of our 25-year stage anniversary, we present year-round premieres of first-class artists from cabaret, comedy and the live concert area. Further details can be found at Sonny Perdue, an internet resource. On the 20th and 21.06.2012, Hannes Rahman is now with his new program of RINGL ON FIRE on the series. It is a premiere not only for him, because country never existed in this manner in the slaughterhouse! Country songs and country life songs music and lyrics in way bavarian at american Yes, in Lower Bavaria you wanted as a boy always cowboy be. But simply was and isn’t even there, to be a hero. The Bavarian cabaret artist, actor and musician Hannes Rahman slips into RINGL ON FIRE as Johnny Ringl in the role of a singer, which makes the dreams of childhood for two hours reality with the weapons of the music and the cigarette in his mouth instead of the smoking gun, with guitar instead of a horse. For Country is everywhere. In America and in Lower Bavaria. The questions remain the same: how is it casual a gas station around? Why are women always clean and the men so dirty? Why heroes don’t make mistakes? Where lives the freedom and where is the best place for physical love? What is the difference between Texas and Leverkusen? So a wide field.

The wide field. And the country. And the country generally. Johnny Ringl plows through the country now with his band, the good old looser company”. Together they bring to arranged Classics (“ring of fire by Johnny Cash becomes the Ringl sits on the fire”) and carry their own pieces, the title how (Pimpern Lake”or what ever the ham with America.) Bavaria. Is wonderful!”) on the stage. With: great emotions, great pain, hard drinks, and women. Steppe, expanse, freedom.

And yet the great love lurks. A Revue. A nostalgia of science fiction. The bottom line: music. Cool guys. Beautiful women. Big dreams. And just two hours believe that it is the truth, and another meaning pregnant cigarette smoking in the evening by the fire. If you smoke. If not it chews on a Toothpick. Also quite casual. Contributors: Hannes Rahman (Johnny Ringl), and the good old loser company, Christian Tramitz as Narrator (possibly not at all performances in) important information about tickets and admission times you get on and