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FELTEN study: Businesses expect a productivity gain of 25 percent Serrig average, 01.09.2008 – companies in the process industry are placing greater emphasis on MES solutions to optimize their productivity. As a survey has identified the Software House of the FELTEN GmbH, they expect an increase in productivity by an average of 25 percent due to the usage or the expansion of this manufacturing execution systems. At snoring control devices you will find additional information. MES solutions represent a link between the business and production processes. Achieves this integration, that the production control on timely data can be accessed. Credit: igor kononenko-2011. Reduced downtime, production errors or quality defects arise as a consequence and is unnecessary material consumption be avoided.

According to the results of the FELTEN study of MES solutions market is a dazzling future. Three out of ten of the 300 companies surveyed the process industry attach them a high or even very large importance for optimal productivity. Only seven percent are opposing opinion. This mostly positive assessment coincides also with the expectations of the productivity effects of MES systems: every second company in the process industry assesses the efficiency gain with 30 percent and more, one-third of the managers sees him in the order of about 20 percent. Average amounts of the calculated benefit to 27 per cent. Against this background, one-third of enterprises in the process industry, within the next two years to expand its commitment to MES systems or for the first time to use such a solution plan according to the results of the FELTEN survey. Another 24 percent are similar intentions, without having made but final decisions. However, the circle of companies that definitely exclude MES investments currently represents a significant minority with 28 percent.

Behind this proliferation of MES solutions see Werner Felten, CEO of the software company, a logical development: the significant Benefits of MES is today undisputed”, he says. This is confirmed, for example, Dr. Thomas Gruterich, project manager production engineering at Boehringer Ingelheim microParts. His experiences according to support such solutions is to eliminate the sources of loss within the production chain from the outset and efficiently to increase production throughput.” “This would lead to noticeable economic effects: already after a short time the software could prove a quick return on investment”, explains Dr. Gruterich.