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Here too, the shins are first cold, freeze them too soon on his feet. Commuter Bikes gathered all the information. There are pocket warmer in all sizes you can put themselves in the sleeves or boots to stay warm. Too tight boots, gloves or cuffs prevent a sufficient blood flow and let you freeze more easily. It emits one-third the body heat over his head. By wet wet clothes, protect your head and neck area with enough warm clothes stress heat cut off your body. Because water conducts heat much faster than air, faster start much to freeze when you are soaked to the bone. Therefore, a sufficient moisture protection should be include any equipment of a motorcyclist. Wet clothing is a particular problem for motorcyclists, because the Oberflachentemperatur 5 degrees per 5 km/h wind speed decreases.

There are motorcycle clothing from textile materials with water-resistant or waterproof properties. Leather keeps won’t dry, you, however, because leather will absorb water. But no matter whether you wear motorcycle clothing made of leather or fabric, it always advisable to still another protective layer for it to have. Waterproof and breathable clothing are the key to success: waterproof, rollable suits made of PVC are waterproof but not breathable. They are useful to keep the rain from the body away in case of emergency, but also counterproductive, because transport away the sweat from the body. This accelerates overheating in hot weather and in bad weather a rapid cooling.

There are a variety of textile jackets and pants with waterproof or waterproof lining. 100% waterproof material no water ingresses, moisture can penetrate only waterproof material. Check therefore the fine print: the material is 100% water resistant or waterproof only? Is the lining 100% breathable, half breathable or not breathable? Check the cut and the processing of the garment. How are the pockets, zippers and cuffs covered? Are the seams waterproof? There are vents for use in heat? Heat in many southern countries stress motorcyclists wearing no protective clothing because they feel they over heat as disturbing and unpleasant.