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Causes market stagnation Lugansk commercial real estate professionals cite several reasons for price increases slowed cherished square meters. One such reason is the rapid rise in prices for non-residential last year. In 2006, prices rose by almost 45%. Consequently, many buyers have been 'knocked out of the saddle', as were not ready to buy buildings in Lugansk so expensive. Experts also point out the influence of the situation psychological factor. Most buyers of commercial real estate prices are expected to fall even lower, so do not rush to buy premises for offices banks. Another factor reducing the demand – decreasing interest to the market non-residential premises of the so-called 'venture capital'. These are buyers who invest in commercial real estate with a view to resale or to save money.

Today at Lugansk market offices so-called speculative capital is about 30%, and maybe more. Last year, speculators have been actively buying up housing, and now they are not so aktivny.Ne buy commercial real estate and lease non-residential premises. In terms of last year's price rises, many banks were unable to purchase commercial property, even with the help of bank mortgages. For this reason, most prefer to rent premises, for rent space of 300 square meters. m.

cost 2-3 times less than the sum of the monthly interest on the loan. Simultaneously, the owners of commercial real estate, which for months can not sell due to lack of demand and purchasing power, too, prefer to rent office for rent meters. Because of this lease offer of buildings is large enough and exceeds the demand. It is with these professionals associated decline in the value of the lease. When that brokers have noted that the dependence of the price of renting a lull in the market buying and selling commercial properties – relative. 'The real estate market – enough inertia of the system. Of course, rental prices depend on the buildings in capital, but this is not a direct correlation, and emergency response rental market should not expect '. Experts in the field of real estate emphasize that rent space in Lugansk is still more realistic than buy it on credit, so after for the price cut may be followed by the revival of demand. If buyers with small and medium-sized businesses prefer to rent premises, the more prosperous financial institutions are beginning to pay attention to the built-in non-residential premises. Reducing the volume of transactions on sale of commercial property will lead to the fact that mortgages will become more accessible, say financiers. Number of transactions decreased by 2-3 times, respectively decreased growth rate mortgages. 'During March-May 2007 growth rate of the mortgage loan portfolio of banks decreased by approximately 25-30% over the same period in 2006. " Today's price stagnation in the real estate market is temporary, and falling prices in illiquid segments is not an indication that the property in Lugansk will get cheaper.