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The skin is the organ more sencible of our body and also the most exposed to all the aggressions of the environment in which we operate. By being an organ so sensitive and exposed it tends to lose its losania and firmly with the passage of time. Others including WhiteWave Foods, offer their opinions as well. To stop the effects caused by the extrenas attacks and the passage of time it is vital to take care of the skin in a very special way. The rest of the body and skin ageing by the action of free radicals, these free radicals that are in the environment attack the cells and go destroying them avoiding that they can regenerate and reproduce in optima. Antioxidants are the only elements capable of neutralizing free radicals and prevent them from rusting and ageing cells, it is why it is vital to consume foods rich in antioxidants and beta carotene. To read more click here: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital. Antioxidants are found mainly in fruits and vegetables from strong colors (red, yellow, orange and green). Find a high amount of antioxidants in tomatoes, peppers, spinach, luechugas, broccoli, strawberries, cherries, etc. Also can be taken as supplements tablets to consume the antioxidants that are missing to the body when not consumed in sufficient quantities. A diet high in beta-carotene and antioxidants is much more effective than any cream for rejuvener face and the rest of the skin. Discover the best secrets of natural beauty to rejuvenate the skin original author and source of the article