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Still, you should not forget about some of the small rules, to be followed so that your house did not collapse, you failed to neighbors sitting in her brand new bathroom, etc. (For example, if you make alterations to the room, in any case not to demolish the wall of the carrier, otherwise it may collapse at any moment). For these questions, you can consult the experts, read special literature and, finally, to look at sites on the Internet. Trusting the repair of housing professionals, you're shooting with a nedyuzhy burden of responsibility and challenges, but! Any process should be controlled, especially in the consequences of which you will be more likely to live and a significant amount of time. If you really trust the professionals, it is not Remember to check that they will professionally repair, assemble, install .. not without reason every year we hear more and more ridiculous and sad at the same time the stories about the work of builders: when, for example, mined the outlet, so battery installed, it does not work, began to change the windows in the rain-flooded the whole apartment, etc. What we get in the end? To make a good repair, you need to spend a lot of effort, nerves and money, patience and your imagination, but the result is worth it. If you once make a thorough overhaul, during which take into account all cons, will try to minimize, if all the positives, like joy and a sense of new housing for their loved ones, you will carry through all of this "test", then we can say with confidence that the repair is not a nightmare, it's just a little bit difficult step for a living you and your family in comfort, the envy of others and the joy of loved ones. Do not be afraid to repair!