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Small helicopters, great fun, for very little money are remote controlled mini helicopter fun for young people and the child in the man. With the small remote-controlled helicopters, the men and the boys can the domestic living room and calm the domestic garden make uncertain. The small remote-controlled helicopters are built so that you learn very quickly with you to fly. How hard it is to fly a helicopter, depends of what type of control it offers. Because a remote-controlled mini helicopters, which has only a 2-channel control is much easier to fly than a helicopter with a three-channel or even 4-channel control. When a Heli with a 2-channel control can fly only the helicopter up and down and rotate around its own axis. He is thus more of a toy than a sophisticated model helicopter.

With a three-channel control, you can also fly the helicopter still forward and backward and lay down so somewhat more sophisticated maneuvers. Remote controlled are the most demanding Helicopter with a 4-channel control. High down, around its own axis rotate (by operation of the tail rotor), forward / reverse, and the control options are a lateral movement. A remote-controlled helicopter with a four-channel control is similar to a real helicopter flight behavior. The small remote-controlled mini helicopters weigh often less than 100 grams and there are already for under 20 (2-channel) up to about 100 (4-channel).

Therefore well in an online shop, you can buy these helicopters. If you play with the idea to buy a radio controlled helicopter or give it to someone, you should be in clear, what it is to be used. The remote-controlled helicopters to a little fun for be used between meals or to ease the mood in the Office, then a cheaper 2-channel helicopter is already a good choice with safety. If you however have a little claim on the flight behavior, makes a helicopter with a three-channel control meaning. A four channel controller It is advisable for people who really want to deal more with the helicopter and aviation. The control of such helicopter requires a great deal of patience and can quickly lead to frustration for impatient people. As the helicopter quickly becomes times the dust collector. Very important: A helicopter with a 3-channel or four-channel control is suitable for teenagers or children under 14 years of age, since the control is simply too demanding. In addition to the small remote-controlled mini helicopters, there is still the larger remote control RC model helicopter. These partially to several kilos heavy models – as are used by people, the very strong Hobby RC helicopter deal. There is helicopter with internal combustion engine or electric motor. Priced are the models in the range of a few up to several 100 and are therefore not suitable for the gift in between. The purchase should be in-depth advice in a model helicopter shop locally or on good Modellhubschauber sites on the Internet. Robin Ewers