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While the proposal is a species of proven hypothesis, the concepts are important for the order of objects and the processes that must or not to be investigated. The qualitative research if dedicates to investigate meanings, reasons, values and attitudes, impregnated of subjectivity, whereas the quantitative research explores statistical and visible the side. Exactly with such distinction between quantitative and qualitative data they complement themselves. The phases of the research are: the cycle of the research (joint of concepts, methods and technique), exploratria phase (phase where if it makes the construction of the inquiry project), work of field (interviews, comments, survey of material) and treatment of the material (ordinance, classification and analysis properly said). The exploratria phase of the research is very important, understands varies phases of the passage of inquiry and finishes when the investigator defined its object of research, constructed the theoretical landmark, defined instruments of collection of data, chose the space and the group of research, defined the sampling and established strategies for entrance in the field. The construction of the project if of the one through the dimensions technique (scientific rules), ideological (choices of the researcher) and scientific.

The research project is necessary to tread the way to be covered in the inquiry and to clarify which the routes of the study, as well as obtaining financings. In the research project it is necessary that if explicite the definition of the problem, the justification of the choice of the problem, the objectives of the study, the methodology, the cronograma of execution, budget and for who was searched. The subject of the research is the interest area whereas the done problematizao and investigations to the subject and must answer the following questions: the problem is original? It is excellent? It is adjusted for me? I have possibilities to execute them? Exist financial resources? It has enough time for the inquiry? In the elements that constitute a research project is: the theoretical and conceptual definitions are the base of the sustentation of the scientific inquiry and the formularizations of the hypotheses appear as a form to create questionings to be ‘ ‘ comprovados’ ‘ in the inquiry.