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A successful new start not only to the turn of the year, especially before the turn of the year the questions about plans and intentions arise again. Sure, a good resolution for the new year would be a great new start in life. In addition to improvements to the environment and situation intentions are mostly to itself; often, a mental or physical development is aspired. Whether learning objectives for tests, improvement of mental and physical well-being or the attention to a healthy lifestyle – there are always worthwhile resolutions. Often go several aspects of hand-in-hand.

If for example a healthy lifestyle will be targeted, should be removed at the same time of course made for plenty of exercise and attention to good nutrition. The staying power is very critical. If you alone a goal, there is a risk to fail. The more incentive and encouragement from others there is, the better. Optimally, it would be natural to have a personal coach.

A coach only to the movement of quota should worry or just motivate or just to inform? Or a coach should pick up a combination of all important aspects and so to speak “comprehensively” coach? Why has his own coach then not everyone? Would not the high cost of a main reason to employ a coach? Where there is a will – there is a way here but some points to the diet. The diet is only in second place to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The movement is and remains the most important. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved without (at least) plenty of exercise. Not despite the diet is, when we come to the second point, a very important aspect. If the thing is really implemented with the movement, the topic of nutrition can be addressed much more relaxed. Then care should be taken to a nutritious and balanced diet. If the thing is really implemented with the movement, even fat is part of a healthy diet. Of course fruits and vegetables and little meat is important first and foremost to eat. Meat consumption should also be balanced and not always red meat consumed. Fish and chicken are exactly like a vegetarian day per week. Avoid single-sided food over several days, and the balance of micro – and macro-nutrients, as well as minerals, vitamins and Phytamins should be maintained. It is again evident that balance pays off. It pays above all years of life but certainly also financially, when measured by the indirect savings in the health system.