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According to the approved plan for the homologation of the products quarterly event held to bring the technical conditions of production to the requirements of Russian and international certificates. Based on the above, it can be concluded that all products QUATTRO FRENI is original. Features of technology of manufacturing of brake pads QF – Friction lining is made of 2-stage technology: the manufacture of unique GRANULES with unique elastic properties. Their presence provides comfort braking eliminates squeaks and noise when braking. PRODUCING MIXTURES progressive manner in the German-type mixer pluzhkovogo company LEDIGE (Germany). In the manufacture of mixture to the friction material used fiber, coal-bearing and lubricating materials imported from Italy (not produced in Russia), providing the physical and mechanical properties of the blocks at the top foreign producers.

The structure consists of a mixture of environmentally friendly ingredients (not containing asbestos, lead and other harmful substances). Pads are manufactured using a two-layer friction composition: Is the first layer – the working surface in contact with the brake disc, the second layer – using new technologies to increase the stability of the connection pads to the skeleton, and the depreciation of the substrate, softening touch pad with the disc and prevents the brake fluid boiling in the caliper during intense braking. Surface preparation is conducted metal frames for steel shot drobometnoy machine that ensures a solid connection between the frame with the friction pad 2 times greater than the requirements of international standards. Curing of brake pads are in a furnace company EURORIGAN (Italy). Compliance with the production technology of this operation can produce high quality products. Tolerance of temperature fluctuations in the chamber + / – 5 degrees, which guarantees the stability properties of the brake pads.

Mechanical processing is done on semi-automatic line of the company ALTEICH (Canada), a diamond tool, which guarantees high accuracy. On the frame pads applied shumopoglaschayuschee cover – small porous filler, contributing to reduce and absorb noise. For fast burnishing the surface of the pad to the brake disc and pads make sliding properties of the given (first brake) pads are operation of thermal shock working surface. Brake pads QF have a high (0.39 … 0.43) and stable friction coefficient depending on the rate of inhibition (40 … 160 km / h), temperature in the brake node (up to 650 C) and pressure Pedal (20 to 80 bar). It should be noted the excellent recoverability (up to 96 … 99%) of the properties after the intense heat, such as mining or sport riding, which fully complies with stringent automobile. Main the benefits of brake pads Quattro Freni Wide range of products – the best Italian materials and equipment – a consistently high quality is confirmed by the permanent bench and road tests – Comfortable inhibition in all modes of operation: no squeaks, confident braking, careful attitude to the disk – reasonable price – a constant supply of goods in the warehouse, environmentally friendly raw materials – are certified to RF.Odnoy of main objectives pursued by the company at the present time – the supply of products on the assembly lines of automobile Renault, Ford, VW and other cars assembled in Russia. Actively being negotiated and there are now early results. What’s more important to our work – is to provide motorists with quality products at reasonable prices.