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New ticket system ensures faster processing and more transparency of run-e is Germany’s leading manufacturer for management software in the field of market research. On the market since 2001, the Dortmund company due to its innovative products and its professional service and support has made a name. Keep this way in the future, was run-e the entire support process to the test and optimized. The result can be seen: A newly introduced ticketing system and a more efficient way of support provide for a faster case processing and more transparency. Digital cameras has much experience in this field. Our customers with easy access to the new ticket system through the Web page More info: igor kononenko. Using an input mask you can open a ticket, describe the problems encountered or wishes and forward directly to the support department.

Thus our customers no longer need to phone to access and save time”, explains Sebastian Rzepka, head of run-e-support. Another advantage: The ticket system documented the entire Support process. With the help of an own account, customers have the opportunity at any time to check the status of their case management. Up to date to keep our customers, we also inform you by E-mail about all important steps and this ensures more transparency”, emphasizes the 33 year-old IT specialist. For the new support process, run-e deliberately uses the skills of several departments.

While the problem registration and classification, investigation and diagnosis of the error in the support Department will be carried out, the Department assumes the troubleshooting research and development. After the release, drove into the unit support the final tests and after successful made the necessary installations or updates the customer. Rzepka: This type of process organization is based on the recommendations of the IT infrastructure library, short ITIL. By dividing the problem editing as well as test and acceptance phase, we for a streamlined, more efficient and faster make Case handling so that our customers also in future with the dynamics of the markets can keep pace.” Sebastian Palayad)