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Before you decide to self-creation of a site, determine whether you have the necessary knowledge and skills. If so, before you start to get an idea of some of its features. This is important if you intend to create a normal modern website, and not a small online business card or a simple home page that is unlikely anyone will be attending. A full-featured site that day come, at least tens of users, requires a serious approach, as in the manufacture and support. To perform the work required to create a website, at a minimum, knowledge of the markup language of web pages and HTML rules for description Cascading Style Sheets CSS. Although you can find many resources that offer website design, without any special skills, their use will not produce a truly high-quality site. Also, you should be able to use image editor and create images for website design. In addition, we must be able to write literate and interesting texts.

Many people forget that the contents of the site – this is exactly what interests visitors and a beautiful design and high quality make-up Web pages – not the main thing. That is, if you can not write quality code in sufficient quantity, it is better not to proceed with self-site creation. Additionally will be extremely useful ability to program in languages PHP and JavScript, although if you're not programming, you can still create a good site. It should be emphasized that the knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as the ability to work with images and texts, are a necessary minimum for work on the site.