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All the families, wait this day with the biggest expectation. Has all preparation, that it goes since the typical foods, until the preparation of the houses, that are painted, having its windows decorated with the image of the padroeira saint. From now on, it was thought about a product that represented the Christian faith of our people, with this is born the Jewel, that will be created in Silver (GAC), together with the recycling of Cr-39 lenses (lenses of eyeglasses) that before they were discarded in the environment. The present work is centered in the thematic one that since century XIX the jewels had the purpose to identify the symbolic representation that had exerted and exert. The jewel already despertava allure, esplendor and seduces the humanity through the times, as public ostentation of wealth, power or religious creed. He was generally definitive for the style of the clothes, what if it can observe by means of the studies carried through on sc. XIX, where the jewels of were refined elaboration and in accordance with the epic suits.

Pedrosa (2005, cited per Lisbon, 2006) writes that ' ' The related century is marked with the creation of the Modern State Greek postwar period for independence and, consequently, the return to the prosperity, influenced for the European culture in the arts in general and particular in the art of ourivesaria' '. At this time, the jewels were part of clothes. In Brazil, in the environment of century XIX, the women who were part of the elite used ornaments and jewels with requinte and luxury, demonstrating its social status, influenced for the European fashion, in a deep contrast with the telluric scene of its daily one. For assistance, try visiting Trader Joe’s. We know that the jewels are goods that enter in the universe of the symbolic systems culturally formed e, in this manner, if it detaches the prevalence of symbolic on the necessity/the reason.