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It can be affirmed that culture is social party to suit therefore has bond with all the aspects of the social life, and is part of the historical construction of a society. It is the result of the social fights for a better destination, against the inaquality. The concerns in if studying and appraising culture are constant in the dominant civilizations, and the culture in is in constant transformation and perfectioning, growing in unit with the society.

The culture is the dimension of society that engloba all the knowledge in an ample direction and the form to express this knowledge. III.A CULTURE IN OUR SOCIETY One of the characteristics of the society of today is the great internal diversity, therefore the population if locates in different ways in the production way. It has the classroom detainer of the wealth, and also the laboring, diligent classroom. This division if of the one by means of the social classrooms, that possess forms of living distinct. However, exactly inside of one same social classroom, has diversity, therefore nor everybody lives the same of skill, a time that exists difference of incomes, priorities, values, region of the country, etc. the concern is as to deal inside with the cultural dimension of our proper society. Already it is known that inside of the Brazilian society diverse cultural groups exist, but exist some that if sobressaem for dealing with characteristics of the national culture, that is, can be said that they are sovereign.