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The Secret of "The Richest-man – News ResultsWorld’s richest man to hold stake in new Spanish bank IANS India Private Limited via Yahoo! India News – May 11 10:14pmAfrica’s Richest Man Pledges $2 Million To Raise Young Leaders Forbes – May 10 09:50amWorld’s richest man, Carlos Slim to hold 1% stake in CaixaBank The Economic Times – May 12 12:01am’>Richest Man in Babylon" is very easy to get to be like me, "said the richest man in Babylon-cin enough to understand that a tenth of what you earn is yours. That makes no sense, "replied the boy. Is all that I get mine. – Does not have to pay your tailor?, Do not pay the baker every day? You can not vivre without spending even one day, and your money is all over the world except yours. – From now on, save a tenth of your salary for the same tis.

Use this money to your advantage, do not forget that changes in wealth are magical and strange. If the tenth city well, one day will reward you for all your efforts. "SCHOOL OF ANIMALS" Some animals that decided to do something heroic to meet the problems of "a new world." Then organized a school. They adopted a work program consisting of running, climbing, swimming and flying. So that everything will be easier to handle, all animals were enrolled in all subjects.

The duck was an excellent swimming, actually much better than his instructor, but just was removed and was approved to fly in very bad races. As was slow to run, had to stay after school and also drop swimming to practice running. This went on until his webbed feet were ruined and barely approved of swimming. But passing was acceptable in school, so that no one cared, except the duck. Running the rabbit started at the front of the class, but had a nervous breakdown due to the hard work of training for swimming.