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One of the reasons by that the proprietors of small businesses Web in line do not make money, is because, or they do not have a niche or objective market to which to aim, or simply do not have the knowledge in its place to create the type of flow of income that need. For example: – Some initiate a Web site, but they do not announce to obtain traffic. – Others, With a poor man contained in its site, that does not attract prospectuses, and they do not make anything to attract them. – Also there is quines create a Campaign in Google AdWords, with announcements but of bad quality, doing difficult to secure click to its site – Others try to optimize their site to obtain good ranking in the motors search, but they do not do it. Obvious, If to all the previous one, we added the stupidity to him of not knowing to who our services or products go dirijidos, (we do not have a niche of defined market), we fall the major of the failures of the majority of the new entrepreneurs in Internet, that are the one to begin to sell a product or service, before investigating who are and where their possible clients estan. The most important way stops to sell in line is to count on a niche. This means that it has a specific group of people to those who to sell its products or services. It can do it of many ways, including the selection of a specific sector on watch, in a determined geographic place, or choosing demographic but specific places. What happens when you do not have a place where to ofrecrer his products? Not only it will lose the approach, as far as where its company or product goes, but also that will not know how to commercialize his product.