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Is the smell instead of ripe fruit? Or fruit in syrup? O remembers the scent of some kind? Then it is a mature wine. Another little secret: have you seen wine experts turn the calyx and look the walls of the same and have ever wondered why you did? Well, after turning the chalice down several droplets, forming before lowering small arches. Are the arches little ones? Then it is a very alcoholic wine, don’t drink too much! They are very large? Little alcoholic wine. The droplets go down faster? Attention: it may be a wine of little structure, to understand us pretty aguado. If the droplets fall slowly is a structured wine (and perhaps a fantastic wine). Medical billing software may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Now let’s see a very important aspect: do wine is served cool or at room temperature? If you have a white wine is important to serve it fresh (at grades 10-12).

Don’t make the mistake of drinking hot white wine! If instead it is a red wine you can serve it at room temperature: whenever there are 30 degrees in the room! And remember: If you have a bottle of a good mature red wine does not drink it just open. Leave it open one hour: so wine will open and you can taste better flavor and aroma. Some indications that allow you to recnocer a good wine from a less common wine? They are here: the balance, intensity and persistence. wine is too much acid? Or too alcoholic? Do or feel a strange taste in your mouth when you drink it? Then probably deals a little balanced wine, a wine of low quality. The intensity is very important: how intense is the aroma that emanates from the chalice? Do you feel it easily or need to submerge your nose in the chalice to feel something? And the taste in the mouth stays several seconds after a SIP or disappears when the wine runs down your throat? The more persistent more wine is of quality. Remember that it is said that you can tell if a wine is good smelling the CAP, of course if it is Cork. The norm that know those who have done a course of Italian wine taster is: is il tappo sa di wine, il vino non sa di tappo!-If the Cork tastes like wine, wine does not know Cork which means that if you smell a plug you feel a smell in wine, wait no longer and serves the first chalice! Here is the glossary of Italian article: alcoholic: alcolico faint yellow color straw, Golden: Dim giallo, paglia, dorato Arcos colour: Guanche Aroma of immature rfuta, mature, in syrup: aroma di frutta bitter, matura, white sciroppata: bianco chalice: calice taste: degustare uncover: stappare balanced: equilibrato Fresco: fresh turn: roteare droplets: goccioline Intenso: intense, young, mature: giovane, invecchiato persistent: persistent Perfume of violet, of esepcias: profumo di viola, di spezie violet reflections: riflessi violacei Rose: rose flavor: sapore slurp: sorseggiare structured: strutturato temperature ambient: ambient temperature Tinto: rosso wine of meditation: wine da meditazione an example of how to learn to describe a Goblet of wine in Italian. Paeonia Minerani original author and source of the article