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Edson Silva I do not know this occurs with all, but it has music it makes that me to travel carries, me to the scene from it, as cinema magic, I know there! One of these musics is ‘ ‘ Knights of the Cu’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ Crescente’ ‘ , magnificently interpreted for the Milton Birth (as if this it was some newness) in the Show ‘ ‘ Tambores de Minas’ ‘ , of 2003. The composition is old (of 1948) of the American north Stan Jones and has doubt if the version for the Portuguese is of Haroldo Barbosa or Carlos Gonzaga, sang that it in years 60, times of the Young Guard of the king Roberto Carlos. Milton also recorded, finds that in 70 years e, as said, it made pretty rerecording in the DVD ‘ ‘ Tambores de Minas’ ‘ In general lines, music speaks of a cattle tender of Arizona, beberro and of rowdy behavior, that ran in its horse in the night of the hinterland and if it sees surprised with a flash in the sky. It was a flock of bulls, whose horseshoes provoked live coals in air. Behind the floated one they came desperate cattle tenders, crying out as wild and of so red they seemed to also burn, in that epic for beyond. Face to the desperation of the floated one if to lose, sweats drained of the eyes of the cattle tenders as if they were fire flashes. those convicted men cried the curse of living pursuing to lu a flock in the sky. Exactly thus, one of the sky knights has time to alert to the cattle tender of Arizona, saying that it moved of life while it could, seno it would also finish convicted to want to catch in fogaru the flock in the sky The alucinante touch of music and the projection of the scenes in our minds make until seeming that we hear running furiously of steps of bulls without route leaving tracks of fire and dust for air. If to repair well we can see cattle tenders of esquelticos faces colored by the vast cabeleiras of fire that, mysteriously, do not burn its hats.

To measure and to control the audibility of the sound, the deciblica scale was created, with unit of measure the decibel. The addition of the intensities in this scale is not linear. The comfortable ideal to the human being is sounds up to 60 dB. From this 120 index one becomes bothering and above of dB initiates the painful threshold. ASPECTS PSICOFSICOS: IT AUSCULTATES AND ANOMALIES OF the HEARING It auscultates Is one of the important aspects of the hearing, either with estetoscpio or not. The sounds and noises of auscultate are in the limit of the audibility, for being of low frequency and weak intensity.

The common sounds of auscultate are: bulhas cardiac, the pulmonary blows and noises and of the circulation and the sounds of Korotkov in the taking of the arterial pressure. Anomalies of the Hearing Can be grouped in two general groups: Deafness of conduction and nervous deafness. In the conduction deafness it has blockage in the external auditory canal, or injuries in the spandrel or ossculos. It can occur for simple causes as blockage in the meato for cerume or incrusted purulentas secretions, or still, causes serious as injuries in the ossculos, caused for traumas, for example. In the nervous deafness it has injuries in the cclea or the tico nerve. This type is more serious, therefore it can result of infections that destroy the cclea. This can occur for antibiotic use. In this in case that, the injuries for medicines are irreversible.

DIAGNOSISING ANOMALIES OF the HEARING tests and examinations Exist that verify and differentiate the types of deafness in very efficient way. Amongst them, we can cite: test of Weber, test of Rinne, test of the diapaso and test of orelhinha. Test of Weber: A vibrant diapaso is placed in the sagittal plan in contact with certifies to verify both the ears. Test of Rinne: The vibrant diapaso is placed on the apophysis of the weather.