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Carving as a hobby creates beautiful wooden toys wood processing has a long tradition in the history. Since the stone age, it is known that wood has been used for different purposes: as a fuel, for tools, or to build wood was important in early human history. The fascination of this material today not has also lost their charm. So something made of wood can be found in every household and in every nursery, in any kitchen or in every bathroom. While the use and versatility has hardly changed. Today, the wood is the building material, fuel and also materials for toys or wooden figures. Each piece of wood is unique.

The beauty of certain Woods also makes the wood a material that plays a significant role in the arts and in particular in the arts and crafts. Find the raft into gardens and living rooms, and many House is decorated with beautiful carvings. Pieces of furniture are, of course, items in which often the wood is used. The According to the long history of wood, carving also has a long tradition. In industrial mass production, carvings have however largely lost its meaning. Wooden toys like about animal figures or mating games and blocks of wood are made more individually and by hand.

Higher quality items like about complex wooden figurines are carved yet. These carvings are known mainly from the Alpine region. But also modern wooden figurines adorn some church or are made in the arts and arts and crafts. The carving is also a popular hobby. A wooden figure, a wooden toy, an animal figure or a decoration for a piece of furniture is produced with up to 1000 different tools. Who so wants to deal with carving, first needs a variety of different things such as chisels, knives, carving tools, drills, hammer and more. The piece of wood is processed using tools and excess material is removed. The tools must be always sharp and there is a grinding of tools necessary. The small works of art such as animals or other occur with the removal of material. Who wants to deal with carving, should previously well learn how to do that. Who can do it and brings even artistic and creative potential, can make beautiful things with the help of Holzsstucken and tools. Author/contact: Melanie lazy, contact(at), your shop with dolls, wooden toys, wooden figures, animal figures and musical instruments for children