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To date, deciding whether glazed loggia or balcony, nearly everyone can choose any kind of glass, in accordance with their wishes and financial possibilities. Suschetvuet several species Glazing: Glazing wooden ramamiAlyuminievoe ostekleniePVH osteklenieBezramnoe-glazing is no secret that the cheapest glass balconies, a glazing of balconies and loggias, the tree may, therefore, This service is still in demand. Wooden glazing is usually applied to those of balconies and loggias, which are then not insulated. This glass is only protected by a balcony or loggia from the outside noise, rain, wind and dust. Aluminium glazing the easier it is for all types of balconies and loggias, saves space. Aluminum Profile stronger and lighter, fire safe, will not crack, twist and not oxidized. Aluminum frame is very aesthetically pleasing look on the balconies, old houses and buildings. In a plastic glazing method uses the standard window frames made of PVC profiles, which are assembled respectively, together with the configuration of a balcony or terrace.

After glazing, as a rule, the walls are insulated inside, which prevents the deposition of condensate. Frameless today – it's perfect option if you are looking to use the space for your balcony or loggia, as an open and bright veranda, which would be protected from rain and snow, because this system is ideal for the Russian winter. The valves of the Finnish design opens and closes with a simple mechanism can say with certainty that the frameless glazing meets all the requirements that apply to the translucent structures, as from an architectural point of view and with the consumer. Through glazed loggia or balcony may not only housing insulation, but also increase quite expensive residential area.

Salon Elite Italian doors Bellissimo Moderno offers to pay special attention to accessories. According to consultants salons, it often happens that the door knob to select more complicated than the door. After all, this piece attaches to the door completeness and a special attraction. Make the right decision to help model the production factory Sigma, presented in all salons Bellissimo Moderno. We've learned that handles can only be brass, gold, chrome, nickel, bronze, or "aging" … Covering – just a smooth or matte.

And their range is increasing. It is now possible cover handle 24 carat gold! You can also combine metals, for example, gold and chrome. Private the handle can be made smooth, the other matte. A metal base handles combine with a wooden handle (an example is the pen serie dolly, simple and at the same time elegant, easy fitting to the door of almost any style). Or Handle made of Murano glass … blue, pink, green or even clear glass! Doors with panes win if they decorate a pen! This detail adds a lightness and grace, and one might even say, some "flirting" … But this is not the only solutions in the design. In a series of Sicma are creative and bold solutions.

Square, oddly angled, oval … They never asking to varnish the doors! .. But at the same time did not think forget about the classics. Fancy scrolls, antique bronze … Massive doors of precious wood … Rich deep colors … slowly flowing time. Splendor and richness of life! Just remember the palace of the Russian Empress! Bright and spacious .. Moldings, columns, white doors with portals, gilding … Such would be the interior is approached handle serie parioli from factory Sigma – a neat, white with gold edging. But there are other design decisions. For example, handle serie dafne. She recalled his wings. Easy bending, "tail" raised up … all captured in a metal flight! Or take the doorknob serie giada. At first glance, an ordinary pen, but is there some kind of incompleteness. And wants to continue her peculiar. It attracts the eye and makes the play of the imagination … And here is a thin strip pens serie kiwi hardly noticeable. She is so tiny, that it can be called only a small stroke. Handle serie derby is different smooth, barely perceptible bulge. It is like a drop, which was filled and about to fall down … She struggles extended, so as not to break, do not fall … Shiny chrome … This is where the deal. Its brilliance and color purity resembles the water surface! A wide range of door handles Sigma in salons to answer any requirements, new styles and creative pursuits.

Structural features of metal doors metal doors are the best means of protecting the home from unauthorized entry. Good metal doors, able to withstand the force hacking. With this task of helping them cope design features that differ from other types of doors (eg, wood). First of all, we should note a special way of attaching a metal door to the wall due to significant weight in the whole structure. Metal door frame has, due to which the door is installed in the door. In order to consolidate the vast amount of metal and hold in the wall, require special fasteners. They are long metal pins that hold the door frame inside the structure.

There is another method of attachment. It is implemented through the rough frame, attached to the main frame. Due to this construction of a metal door installation is much easier exercise. In addition, the process of adjusting the metal door after installation much easier. During installation and adjustment should be aware that door cloth, box, rigid chassis and other parts are made of metal and very heavy in weight. The thickness of the sheet metal depends on the purpose of a metal door and its level of Burglar resistance. For example, armored door will have greater weight than conventional metal door. Filler door frame also plays an important role as a means of protection.

Special filler has a heat and sound insulation qualities, resistance to fire. Last dignity allows the metal door to confront not only the burglary, but also fire. Along the perimeter of the metal door seal is to protect the room from the cold humidity, smoke, and so on. Thus, the metal door to perform its protective functions not only through the use of metal, but also additional design features and additional elements, which not only increase the heat and sound insulation properties of the door, but also can protect the room from the fire.

Still, you should not forget about some of the small rules, to be followed so that your house did not collapse, you failed to neighbors sitting in her brand new bathroom, etc. (For example, if you make alterations to the room, in any case not to demolish the wall of the carrier, otherwise it may collapse at any moment). For these questions, you can consult the experts, read special literature and, finally, to look at sites on the Internet. Trusting the repair of housing professionals, you're shooting with a nedyuzhy burden of responsibility and challenges, but! Any process should be controlled, especially in the consequences of which you will be more likely to live and a significant amount of time. If you really trust the professionals, it is not Remember to check that they will professionally repair, assemble, install .. not without reason every year we hear more and more ridiculous and sad at the same time the stories about the work of builders: when, for example, mined the outlet, so battery installed, it does not work, began to change the windows in the rain-flooded the whole apartment, etc. What we get in the end? To make a good repair, you need to spend a lot of effort, nerves and money, patience and your imagination, but the result is worth it. If you once make a thorough overhaul, during which take into account all cons, will try to minimize, if all the positives, like joy and a sense of new housing for their loved ones, you will carry through all of this "test", then we can say with confidence that the repair is not a nightmare, it's just a little bit difficult step for a living you and your family in comfort, the envy of others and the joy of loved ones. Do not be afraid to repair!