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Part of them emerged clearly in the pre-class society and was associated with totemism. Over time they lose their mythological and magical character, slowly approaching a moralistic fable (see Krylov's fables). Tales about animals, simple in its composition, tend to engage in dialogue, which is often given to song and verse. A lot of Russian folk tales about animals were treated for childhood Alexei Tolstoy. Fairy tales Fairy tales originally been associated with myths and magical significance had been a kind of spell. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Global Machine Translation Software Market and gain more knowledge.. Over time, they have survived only a few elements of mythological thinking.

The moral of the fairy tale is determined people's ideas of good and evil, his optimism, the people's ideals and the pursuit of happiness. These ideas are embodied in the images of goodies, always coming out victorious in the struggle against evil and the media injustice. World widely fairy tales about zmeeborstve (in Russian fairy tales it Wonder Yudo, many-headed serpent) – then in brackets, some Russian folk tale about a beautiful wife (Helen Wise Princess Frog) on the stepmother and stepdaughter (Moroz Ivanovich, Golden Slipper, Havroshechka) on procuring the wonderful things (Magic Ring, Wonderful shirt) and the adventures of men in the man-eater (dashing one-eyed). Fairy tales of the peoples are rich in verbal ornamentation, they are characterized by intricate and saying endings, fairy-tale formula, numerous repetitions. Get all the facts and insights with ihor kononenko, another great source of information. Adventurous adventurous tales fairy tales (so often referred to as adventurous and novelistic tales, that is, tale with a clear composition, with a strong storyline and neobydennym example: a Russian tale Peter the Great and smith) set out the extraordinary adventures of the hero, usually treating them without the magic fiction.