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Varnishes and paints, adhesives and sealants, mastics and primers … Choice of modern paint materials is simply amazing. And not to get lost in this diversity, it is better to apply to a specialized center Paints 'AkzoNobel'. Trained and experienced salesmen paint shop will help you make the right choice. To date, there are several approaches to classifying types of paint products.

For example, the mechanism of film formation: the physical or chemical mechanism of film formation. If the classification is based on taking the composition of output, the varnishes and paints can be divided into those: with organic solvents, water-soluble and powder. Unit application provides paint products for industrial purposes, for industry, construction, printing, etc. To paint products also include various primers, solvents, adhesives, putty, care for wooden surfaces, and more. The proposed range of products at the Center for Paints 'AkzoNobel' represented the largest manufacturers of paints and varnishes. Among them, Dulux, Sadolin, Marshall (Paints and varnishes), Pinotex and Synteko (materials for wood and parquet and wooden floors), Casco and Liquid Nails (adhesives, sealants), Schonox (professional mixes and construction adhesives), Hammerite (materials to protect metal surfaces).

The primer for wood surfaces Protex Dolgu Astari fill even the smallest cracks, thereby greatly saving overspray. Resistant to moisture grained putty Micro is designed for smaller jobs. Applied to different surfaces. Decorative protective agent for wood Pinotex Classic effectively prevents fungal diseases in the wood. Enamel paint for wood and metal Master 30 applies to internal and external works. It can also be used for coloring stone or plaster inside. With the production of the Center Paints 'AkzoNobel' you're no trouble to spend the repairs of varying complexity, from the preparations and cosmetics – to the professional and specialized. A qualified sellers in the store paints not only help you choose the right product, but will tell in detail about all the nuances of its use. Indeed, sometimes it is competent consultation determines the final choice of the customer. Also in the trade network Center Paints 'AkzoNobel' in the selection of paint products can take advantage of tinting paint. Thanks to the mechanized process is achieved by tinting high-quality and accurate color paint. And even if after some time you will need the exact same shade of paint, you can buy it in a trade network Center Paints 'AkzoNobel'. The choice of colors more than sufficient, and the process Tinting takes a few minutes.

Salon Elite Italian doors Bellissimo Moderno offers to pay special attention to accessories. According to consultants salons, it often happens that the door knob to select more complicated than the door. After all, this piece attaches to the door completeness and a special attraction. Make the right decision to help model the production factory Sigma, presented in all salons Bellissimo Moderno. We've learned that handles can only be brass, gold, chrome, nickel, bronze, or "aging" … Covering – just a smooth or matte.

And their range is increasing. It is now possible cover handle 24 carat gold! You can also combine metals, for example, gold and chrome. Private the handle can be made smooth, the other matte. A metal base handles combine with a wooden handle (an example is the pen serie dolly, simple and at the same time elegant, easy fitting to the door of almost any style). Or Handle made of Murano glass … blue, pink, green or even clear glass! Doors with panes win if they decorate a pen! This detail adds a lightness and grace, and one might even say, some "flirting" … But this is not the only solutions in the design. In a series of Sicma are creative and bold solutions.

Square, oddly angled, oval … They never asking to varnish the doors! .. But at the same time did not think forget about the classics. Fancy scrolls, antique bronze … Massive doors of precious wood … Rich deep colors … slowly flowing time. Splendor and richness of life! Just remember the palace of the Russian Empress! Bright and spacious .. Moldings, columns, white doors with portals, gilding … Such would be the interior is approached handle serie parioli from factory Sigma – a neat, white with gold edging. But there are other design decisions. For example, handle serie dafne. She recalled his wings. Easy bending, "tail" raised up … all captured in a metal flight! Or take the doorknob serie giada. At first glance, an ordinary pen, but is there some kind of incompleteness. And wants to continue her peculiar. It attracts the eye and makes the play of the imagination … And here is a thin strip pens serie kiwi hardly noticeable. She is so tiny, that it can be called only a small stroke. Handle serie derby is different smooth, barely perceptible bulge. It is like a drop, which was filled and about to fall down … She struggles extended, so as not to break, do not fall … Shiny chrome … This is where the deal. Its brilliance and color purity resembles the water surface! A wide range of door handles Sigma in salons to answer any requirements, new styles and creative pursuits.