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  • September 20th, 2019
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After traveling hundreds of miles, crossing routes and landscapes so similar as different, which dominates the pampas and the harvested fields offer us their best side, I perceived a change of air. With the arrival Achiras on the border of the provinces of Cordoba and San Luis, everything will becoming more interesting. The vast plain is giving way to the undulations and sharp turns that cause the mountains, but above all gives way to a wonderful landscape of meadows, valleys and towns with an enviable tranquility. I feel the microclimate of the famous city of Merlo always attractive, where do my last stop before crossing back to Cordoba, to meet the fascinating and mysterious places of Traslasierra. Add to your understanding with financial planner. Even the name of the region becomes more intrigued him on arrival. Jr here. Traslasierra, a place behind the mountains, perhaps hidden or marked differences with his other hand. But all these uncertainties are beginning to unravel when it came to the city of La Paz, the first site of this collection of unforgettable mountain villages.

There find the mythical Hotel Loma Bola and the only gas station a few miles. Following trip, we went through crossing, Luyaba and Population, picturesque villages, to finally lead Yacanto and San Javier, towns brothers, stuck on the same street and almost indivisible. I am in San Javier with the popular square with a church very well maintained, bars and grocery stores are typical of these villages, some stock, some craft shops and a corner is an arena with horses and donkeys for the adventure of the most boys.

This article is for those of you who coach or mentor. Sound familiar? "I can not just e-mail address or e-mail, it really has to call" "I was thinking I could not wait to get business cards" "I wanted to succeed in the first place, before the market begins or network "" Why do I have to do it that way, I thought I could do it this way "could go on, but I believe you get the picture. I am always amazed students who pay us to train and then ask what that tells them to do. The business card was the kicker. I had just spent 20 minutes telling them how important cards were, how and who to give them and then had the audacity to say he wanted to wait. So you say what can be done. Well, I tell them they paid me to train you.

You said you wanted my experience, I wanted to be successful, you want to make money. However, in order to you need to get cards made up and needs of the network, and the market. You will need to use the telephone and other forms of marketing are shown in the manual. This is YOUR business, however, recalls. If you choose not to follow the methods I have described, you can not expect success for such time as initially discussed. When your business does not take off, and do not get referrals, which in effect reduces the number of transactions (deals, sales, etc to fill in the blank here depending on the type of training you're doing) do not ask me why not succeeded, because I'll tell you I told you so. " "The Student Who Knew Too Much" are generally those who have tried other things over the years.

Rarely are any problems with people who have worked in corporate America, or other types of jobs during his life. They take what is in the heart and are usually those who are successful, and in record time I might add. So before you take a student to find out what other things they have done, I say in advance the work program if they follow what you tell them to do, there are no shortcuts. Be firm, be direct, bluntly, and then all we can do is wait for the best.Just know they are not alone, all the coaches and mentors to go through this! Copyright 2003 Defior Companies Interested in having your own successful, home based creative real estate investment business? Chuck and Sue have been helping people start successful home based business over 19 years, we can help you too! To see how, visit for the latest FREE tips and tricks, educational products and training in creative real estate investing and home based businesses. No time to visit the site? Subscribe to our "how to" Home Business Solutions Digest, it's like having your personal trainer: