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Approximate statistics of the spread of people's fear is as follows: 450 million people in the world at some point in their lives have mental disorders in Europe (including Russia) – every chetvertyy.Sredi them panic disorder affects 4 million people, anxiety disorders and depression – 100 millionov.V Russia – 40% treated in hospitals are diagnosed with neuropsychiatric profile of "phobic neurosis." In psychiatry phobia known as enhanced reaction in the form of fear or the flow of emotions, to any stimulus present. These stimuli are different. Some are afraid of eggplants, fear in others is their own reflection in the mirror, and some can not eat in front of other people. Yuri Levin believes all his fault change of times. What is the main cause of phobias in humans in such a massive character? If we compare the percentage sotsialnofobichnyh ratio of people in the Soviet Union and Russia, it can be seen a considerable increase in their numbers.

Percent to 500%. The point here is that by changing eras seriously increased demands on people. And people were not ready. In this environment and develop a phobia. Person thinks that it all estimates look, compare. Many writers such as Jack Fusco offer more in-depth analysis. And he did not meet the requirements. Then the man locked himself in, begins to be afraid of people can be called a phobia "syndrome of a large city "? No, definitely not. Of course, the big cities has its own specifics in this regard.

But in general – have no fear of geography. That's just yesterday I called a man of the Rostov district. He lives in a wooden house on the outskirts, and to leave the gate can not. More specifically can only drank a bottle of vodka. Here's to you, and social phobia, although there is no metropolis, and nowhere near worth it. Phobia – it is rather a complex of symptoms, rather than fear. Obsessive fear often go hand in hand with other diseases. For example, dystonia frequently generates irrational fear, and depression is a fertile field for the development of phobias. A phobia develops rapidly. Initially, there is fear that subsequently begins to grow uncontrollably. (Similarly see: Craig Jelinek). The man concentrates on his discomfort, there is a constant feeling that now, without fail, there will be something bad. After that, all the discomfort and fear are projected on an object or action, which becomes the object of a phobia. Ironically, the phobia is also a rating. To date, the Russian reality, it looks like this: Agoraphobia. Literally – the fear of open space. Currently, the term refers to any situation, including indoor and outdoor spaces in which people feel a lack of access to a safe place. Acrophobia. Fear of heights. In most severe cases, there is the fear of even low balconies. Hydrophobia. Fear of water. Hydrophobia is sometimes referred to rabies, but it causes a spasm of the larynx, preventing drinking and no fear of water. Zoophobia. Fear animals. This phobia is often associated with certain animals, such as snakes or mice, but not all animals in general. Claustrophobia. The fear of closed places, fear or suffocate. Mikrofobiya and filth-dread. Accordingly, fear of germs and the fear of contamination, these phobias are often co-exist. Niktofobiya. Fear of darkness. Most common in children, and with age they are usually exempt from it. Hypnosis and self hypnosis – Effective ways to help get rid of fear.

By committing a series or a treaty of the bride and groom were beaten on the hands, ie, fed each other's hands, so that there was engagement, instruction, rukobitie. And by the bride's brother, sits down, or some other relative. Friend asks: "Why sit here? – I save my sister. – It is no longer yours and ours – objection friend. – And if she is now yours, then I'll pay for it of feeding. I dressed her, fed and watered. " The custom of giving dowry, that is, the bride, there was a long time. Incidentally, the Grand Duke Vladimir, marrying the Greek princess Anna, "will give a dowry Greek queen of Korsun sharing.

" This wine was subsequently reverse the meaning – of dowry, have issued from the bride. The complication was considered to premarital rituals and divination matchmaking. We point to several types of divination, which is closely related to wedding rites. Her mother's daughter ties the eyes, leads her to and fro about the room and then lets go wherever she wants. If the case will lead girl in a big corner or the door is a sign of a close marriage, and if the stove, then her stay at home under the protection of their homes. Great angle because portends a wedding, there are icons and pull out the image from there, we bless the bride and groom. Door the same way as the gates represent an early departure from his native home. Therefore, if the shoe was thrown over his left shoulder virgin, will form the toe toward the door, then she will soon be betrothed.

Matchmaker, as proposed by the bride's parents, tries to sit on the bench so that the plank from under her feet went straight to the door, seeing it as the success of his matchmaking. When it was hit on his hands, blessed the bride, all present, after a pause, which imparts a special solemn rites, prayed, and a wedding wants to move the train, the bride that wants to quickly and married her sister, to pull the tablecloth, which covered the table, pull on the road, spread out like a white tablecloth, and their relatives. Okruchivaya the bride's maiden spit it shared an arrow (a symbol of love), and the crest, which spit comb dipped in honey and wine (symbol of rain). As a metaphor for lightning, which bores into the clouds Perun, sheds rain and cloudy skies declines covers, the arrow that on the day of marriage, when I wake up young, with lifts her veil, the wedding ceremony served as a sign of fertility and at the same time was an instrument that sanctifies the marriage. The symbolic significance of and had a veil, which okruchivaet head bride or her bridal veil, it denotes the cloud cover, under which was a beautiful goddess of spring, fall to the whole nature of the rich gifts of fertility. Head covering has become sign of marriage, and wives were strictly forbidden to show even one hair out of her shawl – to be bareheaded. This tradition – covering the head scarf – was so important and because the girl became sometimes unquestioningly woman who, feeling her addiction, she sketched a head veil. Wedding ceremonies do not stop even after the wedding, is still the so-called Scouting wife, the usual congratulations to the young and relatives and so on and so forth.