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Gurdjieff gives us some reflections that invite to be considered, delving into its scope and determine what they enclose us favour in our growth indicates, as for example, that we are a machine, which we react to the external world and allow ourselves to be absorbed by the ancient patterns that enslave us. In their words: man is the being that you can do. Do means to act consciously and in accordance with the own volition. Without any exaggeration we can say that all the differences that impress us among men can reduce differences in awareness of their actions. However, among ordinary men, as well as between those who are considered extraordinary, there is none that can be done, because to do so you need a very high degree of being and knowledge, which lacks the man who sleeps. If everything is made in the dream. First and foremost man should wake up. Having woken up, you will see that as he is, he can do. Learn more about this topic with the insights from PJ’s Coffee.

You need to die voluntarily. Once dead, you can be born. But being that it has just been born, must grow and learn. When you’ve grown up and you know, you can then do. At the moment, the man It is not even capable of the slightest independent or spontaneous action.

All he is not anything other than the result of external influences. The man is a process, a broadcast station of forces as well, our life consists of an endless chain of thought by casual associations, known internal dialogue, which is produced by our inability to handle the attention. Adds us, which Gurdjieff said, that we let ourselves be influenced by things outside, but these things are harmless in themselves: we who we allow to hurt us. Due to the importance and seriousness that entails the search for this internal knowledge, Gurdjieff indicates that you may not attempt to be carelessly, but that requires such an effort that who chases him must give pre-eminence in his life.

Undoubtedly it is the original seat has many advantages! Combination of comfort seats, safety, environmental friendliness, originality and other advantages makes bag chair very popular among modern humans. Let's consider the advantages of bin a bag more. Comfort Do you want to pick up one seat itself? This chair, which would be convenient for you to sit – seat bag takes the form of a man who sits in it, and is suitable for all, without exception. You no longer need to worry about what is 'uncomfortable' seat does not suit you. Versatility This chair will suit everyone: from children to their parents and grandparents and Grandpa! There is no such interior where it would not fit the original chair. This chair fit for office and home. No such person, who could not settle down comfortably in a chair bag. Environmentally Within each bag chairs are tiny polystyrene beads, which allows your body to take any comfortable position.

Polystyrene foam – clean and safe material, brings no harm. Pellets of this material are not afraid of changes in temperature and moisture, do not change their form. Safety of you and your children can feel safe. There are no sharp edges and hard surfaces. Seat bag recalls than the large pillow. Children show great interest in this kind of armchair playing on them or near them. Originality You will not lose with a gift, informal atmosphere in his office, a new thing in his room – and all are one and also chair the bag! Everyone will appreciate your seat bag.

Bright design you can feel like a real designer, ordering our original seat bag. Any colors and availability of additions to your chair ensures that the seat bag is a bright and unique addition to your interior. Peet’s Coffee can provide more clarity in the matter. It's an incomparable feeling of comfort is a feeling of total relaxation and comfort is not leaving a man settled down in his chair bag Someone wants to sleep, someone wants to watch tv, fans want football, soft drinks and chips. Is cut from velvet fabric or soft leather chair looks great for any interior. Many people want to sleep sitting in a chair, but rather as a sport and children play together and chairs bags. How can take care of the seat bag? Because the seat bag has a removable cover, you can only look at the safety and cover stains. For any type of tissue or skin care is recommended to use the rules from the manufacturer of tissue, but we also recommend a variety of cleaners in the form of foam for cleaning upholstery fabrics, so once again not to shoot outer cover with seat bag. And also recommend damp sponge to wipe the dust. If the annotation for the tissue it is possible to wash, you can wash the cover. Usually washing temperature should not exceed 30-40 degrees. With time chair sits down slightly. But we are here to offer you an additional seat filler for a bag, after which your chair to take its original shape. If the seat torn in some unprecedented way, then you can always order a new cover for the seat bag. It will be sufficient to remove the outer cover and put a new one. The entire procedure takes just minutes! It all depends on your lazy! After this procedure, similar to shift from pillowcases pillows can make even a child!

A lasting memory on an unforgettable day wedding tree a lasting memory of an unforgettable day in Ratingen, May 16, 2011 did you know that in Germany every year approximately 375,000 people close the knot? For many couples, the wedding day is one of the most romantic and happiest days of their lives is. Are you looking for a wedding gift, with which you can get a permanent reminder of a memorable wedding day the newly married bride and groom? Then surprised the couple with a wedding tree of With the gift-giving of a wedding tree (Apple tree) you desire expressed, that the bride and groom will lead a loving life together. You may find that Jill Schlesinger can contribute to your knowledge. As the tree grows, mutual love grows. The Apple tree is a symbol of love and marriage. The magnificent white flowers are a gift of nature in spring, to celebrate the love and the awakening of a new life. The Apple tree is said that he the symbol of love and Fertility is. The throwing of an Apple has always been a sign of affection. The wedding tree is in a trendy, environmentally friendly packaging, with an explanation of its symbolism and a personal message in the sender’s sent and within 1 to go home or to the recipient delivered 2 days. Price: 21.95 (plus shipping).

Anniversary gift ideas, make your anniversary celebration a memorable big day Marriages are made in heaven and on earth just ritual ceremonies are performed. It is auspicious time of life when person bounds his relation with someone who is very special. Every year, celebrating that day remembers about your wedding day. So, it is important to celebrate anniversary in the best possible way. The marriages that last for more than two decades hold a special place. For even more details, read what Sonny Perdue says on the issue. The union between both hearts is a beautiful example of togetherness.

To make the day for auspicious you can present some symbolic yet thoughtful anniversary gift ideas for celebrations. 25th marriage anniversary on the occasion of the silver wedding anniversary i.e. on celebrating 25 years of togetherness, a person can give special gifts in silver. Some gift ideas in silver include jewelry, photo frame, tableware, key ring, at engraved gift, decorative pieces, flowers made of silver and so on. 30th marriage anniversary on the completion of three decades of love that has grown deeper over the time. A person can give presents like bracelets, necklaces of pearls, or pearl cufflinks for men. Diamond can be the 30th wedding anniversary modern gift for your. 35th wedding anniversary celebrating thirty five years of marriage can be like a dream come true.

This time is enjoyed by only a few couples. The contemporary gift item for a thirty fifth marriage anniversary can be something from a gemstone coral. Nowadays, the coral are replaced by the semi precious gemstone and jade. 40th anniversary celebration celebrating your 40th anniversary can be the most memorable day of life. During the 40th anniversary, you must choose a gift that represents the four decades of togetherness. The red colored ruby gemstone can be one of the best idea for both the traditional and modern gift. There are may more ideas available on online mode. Before getting confused on the gifts, you got to search online to check out the vast range of gifts. The internet market is flooded with various shops that are ready to offer the gifts at reasonable Council. So, what are you waiting for? Make your anniversary celebration a big memorable day of life. Sui Lara is author of Christmas Gift Ideas.For more information about unique birthday gift ideas, birthday gift ideas visit

No harm will be different items to decorate the yard: garden sculptures in the form of cheerful gnomes that will not just a nice decoration, but a guardian, small fountains, a variety of ornamental plants. But what can I say: a large house there, where to turn! You can even "gift" to friends of the landscape design services What we got carried away. So, you know that the mistress is fond of needlework? Give her a good book in which she will find many new ideas and be able to use them to decorate the family nest. If your girlfriend loves to cuddle guests and household culinary delights, buy a gift collection of new recipes or a diverse set of molds for baking: you will have the opportunity to once again asked for a tip, ostensibly "for tasting cakes baked in tins donated by you ":) As for the father of the family and a host of new apartment, pick up for him a good set of tools: for surely he would have to assemble a new cabinet or to hang a shelf, and thanks Screwing it will cope with this faster. And make no mistake: when entering into a new apartment will be held at least a year before on the donated tools you will forget at least for a month.

After all, the new location has not yet adapted itself to new owners, but oh how they want to make it cozy. Most men do not represent life without beer. Happy owner of a new apartment too ardent admirer of this drink? Then surprise him a novelty in the world of kitchen appliances – personalized beer machine! See, such a gift is certainly not remain without attention and will not gather dust in the far corner of the back room. Desired in the house thing will be the original pad under the door. Let it be, for example, in the form of cat or bear, and you can be sure that your Promotional owners love it. You can also opt for a small set of towels for guests. Or a beautiful china sets: because we all know that in glassware the house is never too much. Although, if the owners had recently celebrated his wedding, beware: and utensils, and linens they could with a vengeance.

Then your gift will be entirely inappropriate. If you believe in omens, in every home should have "Boss" who guards the home from all the bad. So you can give a straw souvenir in the form of small . It will provide peace and tranquility this home. And finally I would say that buying and arrangement of housing – a colossal work, which requires enormous material and moral costs. Therefore, crossing the threshold of the apartment of his newfound friends, do not be stingy with compliments. Praise for money repair, admire the interior decoration, new stove in the kitchen, not yet glazed balcony and a lazy cat. There are no critical views, but a sincere admiration! Make it a gift: for newcomers is very important.

Soon the New Year! This phrase is knocking on the mind of every thoughtful parent vsemilyubimogo the eve of the holiday! New Year wait for everything, and adults (especially!) children. How do you make so that the memories of the holiday remained in the heart beloved man for a long time, and, perhaps, forever? As mentioned classical “expectation of happiness – happiness, too.” Therefore, the preparation for the holiday is better to start in advance. It may be the traditional Christmas tree, buying jewelry, but best if the mother and the children will prepare these ornaments by hand. Children are very fond of a joint work with his mother, and my mother would be useful and pleasant for a joint effort to spend a little more than usual time with her Chad! diy options (now called the buzzword handmade) are vast. It could be Christmas decorations made of papier-mache and beads, elegant herringbone of feathers weightless, figurines made of salt dough and much more. In As the original surprise, it is possible to order the pinata – a favorite activity for children around the world. In a hollow toy out of papier-mache wide variety of shapes and sizes are put candy and small prizes, then a toy broken, and full of delight for children provided! But without something absolutely impossible to do so is without the appearance of Santa Claus! Kids are not interested in a chic table, toasts and loud music, really they are just waiting for the protagonist Children’s events, from children’s birthday or New Year – is not easy, but following the rules a little creative, you can choose from multiple offers – it is “their” Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, which you want to meet again.

Be sure to ask whether you can see real pictures of characters (this may be not only the standard Santa Claus, but also additional characters: the Witch, Gnome, pirate). This is especially important if you plan to invite Santa Claus to a children’s garden. It is highly desirable to have the organizers of the holiday was a working site, as a measure of reliability and respectability. Routine calculated at 30 minutes. Ask the organizers of the details that will be included in the program. Most likely you will not accept if Grandpa would always sit on the ground and tear your child asking ‘Tell poem’.

If your child still a baby, or he is sensitive and distrustful of strangers – tell it by the organizers, they will be more considerate with your baby. In some cases, especially if the child does not go to kindergarten, it is advisable to invite the image of Santa Claus animator – a woman. It is more gently introduces baby to the world of the New Year and other fairytale characters. The cost of the call of Father Frost and Snow Maiden is about the same in Moscow and Moscow region. Too low prices should cheerleaders are likely to get quick kills you come across by amateurs, who may just disappoint the child and leave the negative memories are very, very long time. You choose the right and C Happy New Year!

So, to help your child cope with hyperexcitability follows: – to reconsider their attitude to the child and realize that the cry of a hyperactive kid will get you nowhere. Aggression stuffed them into his mouth!). Remove all dangerous items, you save a lot of reason to worry about the safety of the baby. – Mom hyperactive toddler in the house to maintain a positive atmosphere, an atmosphere of peace and love. You should avoid watching tv, loud sounds.

– Hyperactive kiddies are very important to expend their energy. Therefore, you should walk a lot, and consider options for athletic clubs. Just keep in mind that even Training should not bear the emotional burden on the psyche of the child. Choose jogging, swimming. – If you plan to place a child in the garden, educators warn in advance about the nature of your baby to avoid denial of the kindergarten.

Be prepared for the fact that in the garden in the presence of strangers hyperactive child can hold back their emotions, and coming home to dump them. Think of these bursts of emotions calm. – Bedtime Child ventilate the room, the child should be cool. Light is better off. One of the newest methods of correcting the child's behavior is . as a method of psychotherapy brings good results, especially in childhood. Because a young child has no clear line between real life and fairy tales. Listening to the tale, the child is immersed in it, empathizes with the heroes of fairy tales and identifies himself with one of them. A accordingly, the child may learn the behavior fairy-tale hero. On this method and is based – listening to stories, the child receives the disposition to correct behavior, on the kindness and care. Interesting in this regard, the fairy tale whose author is Rushel Blavo. Rushel Blavo – d.m.n, professor, a practicing psychotherapist – is headed by St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of traditional medicine and music therapy. Tales Rushel Blavo sound in the performance of national stars of theater and cinema, and are accompanied by a unique healing music. Each tale has its own specifics. For example, stories read by Anastasia Melnikova give attitude of adults and children in the creation, constructive, finding the best ways to solve any issues. "Adults, like children, sometimes like to be offended, to demonstrate their displeasure, – says Rushel Blavo. – But so can complicate and aggravate anything, to drive himself to a standstill. It is unlikely that someone poses a similar purpose. How not to be at an impasse? How to get what you want? You must stay in constant dialogue with others, to be indulgent to their shortcomings and blunders, did not lose a sense of humor and self-irony. Our fairy tales give impetus to such interaction with the world. " After listening to a bedtime story, a hyperactive child just calm down and fall asleep, but may adjust their behavior and will be a little quieter for the joy of my mother. Keeping these simple tips, you will help your child cope with his psycho-emotional condition. Remember that attempts to bring a hyperactive child with physical punishment would lead to aggression and low self-esteem of the child.