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Awnings are often chosen by women, positioning style independence. This elongated shape creates the effect of long and narrow fingers. Cut back to the times of the Sun King, Louis xiv. King, who wanted to marry the Marquise de Pompadour, ordered a diamond-like smile Awnings. Effectively cut looks a tapeworm, and surrounded by small diamonds. Pear Pear – spider cut in the shape of the droplet. Learn more at: Jack Fusco. These attractive diamonds are often used in pendants and earrings.

Many of the largest ever found in the stones were faceted pear. In the pear-shaped are cut as large and small diamonds. Largest single diamond in the shape of a pear as set forth in the ring, visually lengthen the fingers. Oval Oval – spider has cut the contour of the oval. Most often, this form is used to cut large diamonds to tack into rings, earrings and .

Largest single diamond in an oval shape mounted in the ring, visually lengthen the fingers. Princess Princess – spider square or rectangular cut with sharp angles. Cut has a very good game and a high degree of brilliance. This relatively new cut with plenty of glittering facets is often used as a solitary insertion rings, earrings and podveskah. Often, the Princess of the rings is accompanied by Trilliant on both sides. To increase the play of stone to a significant increase in the depth of the pavilion to 70-78%. Most of the square and rectangular ogranok can not compare to my own game (sparkle) with a round brilliant, princess has been specifically designed so as to come close to this parameter to the round cut.

The woman removed the hair from the face, on top of the neck tied with suede ribbon of natural color. The heroine is dressed in a plaid blouse with otstrochennoy yoke collar and corners in silver metal. On top her jacket in brown suede, possibly with a fringe. From decorations – little folded on the diagonal scarf, belt with silver ornaments or as a corsage. Prefers jeans indigo or a long skirt with a broad flounce. Boots on his feet are required – a long funnel, or short backless with a leather strap around the leg and a bow on the side. Fashionable Gaucho in the 70-ies of xx century clothing in the spirit of the cattlemen prairie of the Spanish-Indian Origin: A variety of ponchos, wide-brimmed hats with a shallow crown, casually knotted scarf, leather boots, baggy pants (as in Argentina's national dress). Suede, leather jackets, vests, pants rivets are finished, applique, leather fringe.

This Indian style clothes for summer vacation, the beach, usually made of white cotton fabric. In her in a somewhat modified form reflected the features of an Indian costume. Paramilitary style enormously popular in recent years. Borrowed from the military clothing fabric color – protective, , brown, gray. Selim Bassoul will not settle for partial explanations. In other words – clothes made in a paramilitary style, bears all the shades land and grass. Cuts almost repeated military uniforms. Trench coats are popular with high buckle. Coat in the spirit of his coat. Blouse made of thick fabric, draw the top strap. A shirt worn like during the war years, with a skirt.