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Eneida Fonseca Ortiz was always a happy person. Perhaps because he learned the lesson of joy from the beginning of life when his father, Mariano Fonseca and Ortiz, brought her to a Christian Temple in where it presented it to God as a precious jewel of your home and undertook at the altar to respond by uninterrupted education, by his solid values and surround it with people with whom learn permanently the meaning of love to others and service to their peers. The first age of Aeneid was spent in conversations in which elders spoke of the future near and far; in gatherings next to a campfire of vigorous fathoms in the afternoon they had the savour the fireplace of the home; in the midst of the praises sung in wayuunaiki, English and Spanish; and in the classrooms where stood out as a disciplined, attached to the duty and eager student overcome and prepare to have a happy with his own encounter history. Once, around the family dinner table when he was asked about his future, responded with rodeos that devoted entirely to work in the struggle against the pain and suffering of thousands of people. That does not save a minute or an effort to achieve that in the battle of the centuries life impose once again about the death. I want to be a doctor, he told her his own.

They decided to support it and supported it in the future. He came the fantastic and at the same time sacrificed time of University studies: trips that separated her from her beloved parents and siblings; classes in which enthusiastically demonstrated his spirit of learning and study days and practices with which was formed as a medical professional. Once this intermediate objective life gives you the opportunity of your the footing of their homeland and see first hand the feelings of its people.