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Futures trading online – the history, part 1. Lewis Borsellino – a legend in the world of futures – more than 18 years experience trading futures SP 500 in his book “Day-trader – the blood, sweat and tears of success’, describes the benefits of trade SP 500 futures compared with the shares of: ‘Firstly, the volatility makes it possible to make a profit on Few chersah quickly. I do not know of any speculator who buys 8 & P contract and derzhavschego him for five years. Jack Fuscos opinions are not widely known. Second, performance bonds or the margin is for one 8 & P contract, $ 16,000 (Profit – now have the opportunity to trade e-mini sp500 futures – where the margin of 1000 per unit), while the contract itself controls shares worth $ 250,000. It’s not something that 50-percent margin required to trade individual stocks. Go to Craig Jelinek for more information. Besides the offensive electronic trading reduces the commission.

In monetary terms, they are still much higher for stocks than for futures owls. Michael Steinhardt, New York City has compatible beliefs. Buying 100 shares at $ 10, rated which cost $ 1,000, the investor can cost from $ 7 to $ 20 a charge GOVERNMENTAL. And for a commission of about $ 10 for a complete revolution – and buying and selling – the investor can trade 8 & P contract value to $ 250,000. (Profit – strange, but despite the fact that Lewis wrote this 10 years ago, conditions remained almost the same – an average commission of $ 10 per lot) In addition, futures trading allows speculators there use leverage to engage in a much larger positions than possible positions on shares that can be opened using their existing cash. In futures trading with the introduction of the order party immediately becomes part of the market. When someone wants to make a deal with shares, he (or she) must first call the broker.

After that, a brokerage house to decide whether he will occupy opposite direction with opposite this transaction. The growth of the online stock trading has changed the situation. There is a clear demand for system, providing individuals with direct access to the market. Orders can be entered and executed without the participation of a broker. Why else would the online broker E-Tgade Ggour Inc. (Profit – yeah, that’s where feet grow – because this is now the most powerful agent of America! The most optimal conditions for just them 3 months without any commission, committee, and then 2.99 dollars per lot) and investment bank Goldman Sachs Group LP agreement to buy 50 percent of Archipelago LLC in a situation where it was rumored about this $ 50 million deal? Archipelago operates the system, which allows Day-traders to enter their orders on shares of NASDAQ) in electronic form through its network of electronic communications (Electronic Communication Network, ECN). With ECN, deytreyd get EASURES Professional access to NASDAQ, bypassing the broker. Futures markets can now learn a lesson from this on-line revolution in stock trading. Electronic access can easily attract more participants, especially individuals who have capital and a desire to sell … ‘Profit – well, it just happened.

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From the fact that in Belarus is increasing the number of agencies that rent apartments conclusion is that apartments are in high demand from tourists and travel esp. On allegations of Realtors, about 40 percent of apartments in Minsk for rent shall be. Indeed, arriving in Minsk more profitable and easier to remove odnokomnantnuyu apartment than to settle in a single hotel room. Apartment in the center city, which are located near all tourist centers, banks, stores will cost about 30 dollars a day, if you just need technical repairs and assembly. If you need a renovation, air conditioning and all appliances, the cost of apartments will grow to $ 50 per night.

The hotel is a room in high season or on holidays will cost about $ 150. Also, many companies who rent accommodation provide additional services – cleaning apartments, meeting at the w / e. station and the airport, etc. This business is profitable both for the landlord. And for the agency, which rents the apartment. Owner is convenient for him that find tenants, deal with all matters, the apartment is not idle, watching the apartment, its clean.

And the owner gets the money once a month for rent. Agency, in turn, offer several types of cooperation. The owner may by the agency to place an ad detailing the apartment. May enter into an exclusive agreement with one particular agency, in this case, it would avoid any problems that may occur during delivery apartment and signing treaties. Or may enter into a contract of trust management. Under this agreement the owner gives the agency 15 percent of the amount of rent. And the first two options require the owner to pay up to 40 interest payment. Client is renting this apartment is advantageous because it is cheaper than a hotel, and while he absolutely does not lose in quality of service. And it's possible to rent an apartment in Minsk on the day it is in the area in which you need to, but not where there is a free hotel room.