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The treatment for third-degree burns is a four step process. Hear from experts in the field like Bridgette Matthews for a more varied view. The stages start with diagnosis and measures to eliminate the possibility of infections, then come the healing stages to ensure that the skin is healed properly.The first stage in the treatment of third degree burns begins with an assessment to determine the severity of the burns, and if the airway has been restricted, an air tube should be inserted to ensure adequate levels of oxygen in the body. Hydration is also performed at this stage since it is one of the most common of this type of burn problems. Small burns can be treated with home remedies, medications and ointments, medicinal plants are large Allied of this type of Burns since they cool the skin, help to regenerate tissues and have multiple healing powers; While large burns require more aggressive measures, such as surgery. Burns covering more than 5% of the body will have to be treated in centres Specialized. The second phase of treatment consists of eliminating the risk of infections which is the leading cause of death by severe burns in everyone. The cleaning of the affected area is the first step, since Burnout decreases blood flow in tissues, the zone will have to be cleaned throughout the day. Antibiotics are pumped throughout the body through the use of intravenous or ointments, depending on the severity of the burn, as well as the constant flow of hydrating liquids, the movement is also restricted to aid in the healing process.

This is a vital treatment stage, since infected in third degree burns can cause serious medical complications, and death in some cases. Proper healing of the skin is the third step of the process, but is the first when it comes to cosmetic treatments. This treatment for third-degree burns will begin as soon as the main risks have stabilized and the blood flow has returned. This process can involved skin grafts, which is taken from another area of the body and surgically attached to the affected area skin. If it is not possible to obtain sufficient patient’s skin, it proceeds to take skin from donors and even compatible skins of animals or artificial production, the last two options are only temporary and they will have to be removed later.

However, the idea of a skin graft consists of placing a layer of skin over the area so the skin can heal by itself. The last step in the treatment of third degree burns is to reduce the amount of scarring. The majority of third degree burns leave scars to the victims but it is important to reduce the amount and size that the wounds are closed quickly and that the first and second phases are fully developed. Among the remedies for Burns is the use of ointments on Burns to speed healing and reduce scarring. Use of Alove vera for treatment of burns.