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It is not basic question, but of form. A scholastic library can be the depositaria of an incredible and numerous book bottom and other materials of information, but he is not able to find the form that these contents are appreciated, valued and used correctly by the students of the center, the library will not be right to be. Clubs of reading, contests, contests and other projects or developed activities in the surroundings of the library can obtain that this one becomes one of the best formative resources of an educative center.The library of the school " Jose Garci’a Fernndez" of Luarca (Asturias) he flattered past Christmas to the parents of the students with extraordinary gift: a guide of recommended readings in order to harness the book gift in the festival of the Kings. (Source: Carrier). On the other hand, the students of another educative center of Valladolid, whenever they finish the reading of a book of the scholastic library, fill up a brief card with their impression and a commentary by means of which they recommend the reading of the same, animating in this way to other readers. These, and other activities and innovating projects developed by the scholastic libraries of educative centers of our country, receive every year their recognition through the prizes that are granted in the National Contest of good practices for invigoration and innovation of the scholastic libraries that the Ministry of Education summons.And it is that it is fundamental that the educative centers reinforce the paper that represents the scholastic library in its dynamics of education-learning, transforming it of mere book container for loan and reading into an effective educative tool like the classroom. The same Statutory law of Educacin (LOE) recognizes the importance that is due to grant to him to these spaces, contemplating within the fundamental aims of the education " the high-priority attention that will be lent to the use of the scholastic libraries like factors that favor the quality of enseanza".