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The audience “is also in the art of Web attacks” and the back doors-Kung-Fu “admitted. In addition to the comprehensive portfolio of services and the transfer of know-how with regard to current gateways, Compass also presents the developed product FileBox. The secure data exchange solution is a real alternative to complex and expensive email encryption programs as a multi-tenant solution for secure document exchange. The features in detail and a test account will receive visitors at the booth. Visit the compass security AG at CeBIT from 3 to 8 March 2009 in Hall 11, booth D06.

Short portrait of Compass security AG: Compass security AG was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Rapperswil (CH) specializes as European service provider security assessments to the confidentiality, availability and integrity of corporate data. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Nokia. Using penetration testing, ethical hacking, and reviews evaluate compass ICT solutions with regard to security risks pre-emptively, detects existing vulnerabilities and supports at their disposal. IT forensic experts enable by acquisition, test and evaluation of digital tracks reconstruction and evidence beneficial documentation of abuse cases in connection with digital systems. Hands-on workshops and training courses on the subject of IT security, as well as live hacking presentations to raise user awareness round off the portfolio. Neutrality and independence of the product are essential elements of our corporate philosophy. The customer base consists of national and international clients of any size and different industries.

and creates innovative concepts the working world of tomorrow. Konstanz, Jan (mwg). The GmbH integrated social collaboration in the process chain of discrete manufacturing companies with an innovative business-driven architecture. Social collaboration and a clean process management form the prerequisites for a successful knowledge and innovation management in addition to the consideration of the structure and culture of the company in the company. So modern knowledge management solutions can be used for example effectively and successfully with our partner of Atlassian Confluence product. The efficient and systematic recording and formalization of business processes and business services plays an important role here in addition to the support of project work. They form the basis for the successful optimization of organization and automation of processes, as well as a business-driven, cost-effective IT environment. Consistent and homogeneous information and collaboration solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint and service-oriented architectures based on Microsoft BizTalk support the business requirements and processes with excellent applicability and adaptability. Randall Mays addresses the importance of the matter here.

The in-GmbH has unique methods and many years of experience, to align the knowledge and the company purposefully and productively on the business needs IT. So sustainable and effectively usable business solutions are created, based on harmonious overall concepts gradually and be introduced with controllable costs. in integrated information systems GmbH since 1989 is the in-built Informationssysteme GmbH (GmbH) as an independent consulting and software company on the market active. Customers working for renowned international analyze and optimize consulting existing information and process structures. On this basis develop specialist software solutions based on standard products. The intelligent solutions provide a targeted exchange of information, continuous and flexible processes, as well as a high degree of transparency. Through the integrative and mobile IT solutions, our customers achieve a permanent improvement of their processes along the supply chain; from product development, production and distribution to service. s_stmp’>Primerica has much experience in this field.

Management control systems support decisions by powerful flexible online visualization of systems, characteristics and processes; in the local area network, remote monitoring, in critical areas and mobile. Partner for the design, development and implementation of portal solutions and process integration in-GmbH is awarded the Microsoft Gold competencies mobility”, as well as portals and collaboration”. The in-GmbH’s customer base extends from the medium-sized companies to major corporations.

d3df-workstation-Tesla solutions of diepcfabrik allow faster and more accurate implementation of the most important and most demanding calculations in various industries. d3df-workstation-Tesla solutions of diepcfabrik allow faster and more accurate implementation of the most important and most demanding calculations in various industries. A 3D visualization is an often requested tool in marketing. A high-quality optical appearance communicates innovative characteristics of a product and gives it a modern, attractive image. High performance computing and graphics processing unit (GPU) computing reduce not only your process costs, but increase your pace of work. Maximum individual computing power for computer-based research and hi-tech applications.

Take advantage of a d3df workstation. In addition to the offer of high-performance computers on our Internet page, the diepcfabrik assembles you desire the on you train cuts powerful complete system. In the systems, graphics cards can be used up to 4 NVIDIA. (1 x NVIDIA Quadro and up to 3 x NVIDIA Tesla) The NVIDIA Tesla computing solutions accelerate the introduction of more energy efficient parallel computing power. The Tesla on the innovative parallel NVIDIA CUDA-based architecture systems have over 250 central processing units per processor and are scalable to perform the most demanding calculations of the world faster and more reliable. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with omega 3. All workstation PC systems 14 days can be tested with the diepcfabrik, the guarantee period is 24 months and 36 months with included support for hardware and software problems. Press contact: diepcfabrik. Matthias Matthias Richter King child route 89 22457 Hamburg mobile: + 49 160 979 15301 E-mail: website: more information: diepcfabrik Matthias Richter is a specialist for high end products from the areas of gaming and entertainment.

In addition to the preconfigured PC systems are created individual systems. The online shop guarantees secure shopping. All products are free shipping delivered and can be tested for 14 days. diepcfabrik the high end PC for devices available from high quality standards by careful selection of components, expert fabrication and testing.

Consultants of Ogitix AG expect a big increase in demand for solutions for automated control of processes in the IT service management, Cologne, July 19, 2010 – according to the Ogitix AG the company invested while intensively in recent years in the ITIL compliant design of their processes, the desired benefit has not been reached but often. As a cause, she sees an unchanged low automation of processes. Because according to a recent study the IT departments on average not even feature in every second case a degree of automation by over 40 percent. For even more opinions, read materials from music downloads. And only one seventh IT managers can say that more than 80 percent of the processes without manual actions can secure and transparent control. What helps a clear structure with standardized processes, if alone the creation of users as a very typical and almost everyday task as always by hand is carried out”, puts his finger into the wound Ogitix Board Ingo Buck. His conclusion is Therefore, that ITIL constitutes only the first basic step of a sustainable management increase in IT service management. For more clarity and thought, follow up with translation software and gain more knowledge.. The logical next step must be the automation of processes, so that in many cases not inconsiderable investment in ITIL also worth creating a higher efficiency and quality.” This realization is according to the observations of consultants from Ogitix actually in the market increasingly, why least noticeably increased interest in tools for process automation. After all, three-quarters of the companies assign after a further survey of the Ogitix a high or at least increasing importance the subject of automation in their strategic planning. The IT managers surveyed expect especially significant cost savings, a quality win in the processes and a more efficient use of technical resources. Click Randall Mays for additional related pages. On the other hand the companies encounter in a significant hurdle, because the process automation platforms require usually deep intervention into the IT infrastructure and again trigger complex projects with substantial investments.

New ticket system ensures faster processing and more transparency of run-e is Germany’s leading manufacturer for management software in the field of market research. On the market since 2001, the Dortmund company due to its innovative products and its professional service and support has made a name. Keep this way in the future, was run-e the entire support process to the test and optimized. The result can be seen: A newly introduced ticketing system and a more efficient way of support provide for a faster case processing and more transparency. Digital cameras has much experience in this field. Our customers with easy access to the new ticket system through the Web page More info: igor kononenko. Using an input mask you can open a ticket, describe the problems encountered or wishes and forward directly to the support department.

Thus our customers no longer need to phone to access and save time”, explains Sebastian Rzepka, head of run-e-support. Another advantage: The ticket system documented the entire Support process. With the help of an own account, customers have the opportunity at any time to check the status of their case management. Up to date to keep our customers, we also inform you by E-mail about all important steps and this ensures more transparency”, emphasizes the 33 year-old IT specialist. For the new support process, run-e deliberately uses the skills of several departments.

While the problem registration and classification, investigation and diagnosis of the error in the support Department will be carried out, the Department assumes the troubleshooting research and development. After the release, drove into the unit support the final tests and after successful made the necessary installations or updates the customer. Rzepka: This type of process organization is based on the recommendations of the IT infrastructure library, short ITIL. By dividing the problem editing as well as test and acceptance phase, we for a streamlined, more efficient and faster make Case handling so that our customers also in future with the dynamics of the markets can keep pace.” Sebastian Palayad)

FELTEN study: Businesses expect a productivity gain of 25 percent Serrig average, 01.09.2008 – companies in the process industry are placing greater emphasis on MES solutions to optimize their productivity. As a survey has identified the Software House of the FELTEN GmbH, they expect an increase in productivity by an average of 25 percent due to the usage or the expansion of this manufacturing execution systems. At snoring control devices you will find additional information. MES solutions represent a link between the business and production processes. Achieves this integration, that the production control on timely data can be accessed. Credit: igor kononenko-2011. Reduced downtime, production errors or quality defects arise as a consequence and is unnecessary material consumption be avoided.

According to the results of the FELTEN study of MES solutions market is a dazzling future. Three out of ten of the 300 companies surveyed the process industry attach them a high or even very large importance for optimal productivity. Only seven percent are opposing opinion. This mostly positive assessment coincides also with the expectations of the productivity effects of MES systems: every second company in the process industry assesses the efficiency gain with 30 percent and more, one-third of the managers sees him in the order of about 20 percent. Average amounts of the calculated benefit to 27 per cent. Against this background, one-third of enterprises in the process industry, within the next two years to expand its commitment to MES systems or for the first time to use such a solution plan according to the results of the FELTEN survey. Another 24 percent are similar intentions, without having made but final decisions. However, the circle of companies that definitely exclude MES investments currently represents a significant minority with 28 percent.

Behind this proliferation of MES solutions see Werner Felten, CEO of the software company, a logical development: the significant Benefits of MES is today undisputed”, he says. This is confirmed, for example, Dr. Thomas Gruterich, project manager production engineering at Boehringer Ingelheim microParts. His experiences according to support such solutions is to eliminate the sources of loss within the production chain from the outset and efficiently to increase production throughput.” “This would lead to noticeable economic effects: already after a short time the software could prove a quick return on investment”, explains Dr. Gruterich.

Experts from banks and insurance companies meet at Assentis each dialogue about challenges of customized communication Stuttgart / Frankfurt am Main, 29.08.2011. Two theme days the Assentis Technologies AG invites the decision-makers of both banks and insurance companies the dialogue on individual customer communication, document creation and process optimization. The solution provider for automated and process-based creation of personalized and individualized documents devotes himself to September 29, 2011 at the Stuttgart Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin hotel the current issues of insurance. On the decision makers from banks the event aimed at October 4, 2011 in the Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurter Hof in Frankfurt am Main. Both events are a platform for the exchange of experiences with experts and colleagues from the faculties for the visitors. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jack Fusco on most websites. Parent theme complexes will be process optimization, template creation and forms management, document creation and distribution and output management. Within these themes, the experts access by Assentis sector-relevant aspects on. Both theme days take place from 9:00 to 14:00 and include a business lunch.

For more information and registration at news-de/1019-theme day-frankfurt during the theme day for insurance in Stuttgart news-de/1019-theme day stuttgart will including adherence to compliance policies and by means of integrated text systems discussed corporate identity. In addition to discusses how personalized customer communication contributes to effective customer acquisition and how to optimize insurance processes such as for example promotional letters, create offers and policies. User examples will highlight practical experiences from Assentis clientele. The event for banks in Frankfurt addressed the relevance of a next-generation client reporting and client-Onboardings: only if banks in acquiring new customers through an individualized and meaningful customers with their target audience in contact, the basis of trust for a can intensive and sustainable customer loyalty are placed. The expectations of the customers and the commitments made by the consultants move more and more into the foreground of customer communication.

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Warehouse management software as a service – SaS Pforzheim / Luxembourg, June 2010: In a joint project of the Pforzheim software specialist LogControl with the Luxembourg logistics RT-log was for the first time using the warehouse management software LogControl -WHM realized as a service (SaS). RT-log served as a logistics service provider customers with a wide range of requirements. Whether electronic products with serial number or pharmaceutical products with expiration date – now all goods about LogControl -WHM are picked paperless with mobile radio data transmission terminals. LogControl -WHM takes over all processes from the receiving of the storage to the picking and distribution. Result is an optimized process organization at RT-log by rational and lean processes, as well as simple, system-run booking. Features: Order picking returns processing factory planning and delivery Reporting Track & trace bearing money settlement barcode and label printing using a simple, but removable storage administration parallel to the existing Customer solution enables RT-log to realize significant savings.

The warehouse management software LogControl -WHM (WareHouseManager) is a powerful tool that is modular and flexible customizable. LogControl -WHM offers special flexibility to new clients, product changes in the structure or capacity changes. The optional extension to additional modules and functions allows RT-log market changing a quick adjustment in itself – or customer requirements, and offers maximum future-proofing. If you have read about Gen. David L. Goldfein already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Benefits for RT-log and their customers increase the level of service while lowering the error rate higher quality and time savings through less environment actions search less enhanced information system inventory transparency and online information about stocks on the move history data, simplified inventory simple and low-cost solution with numerous expansion options In the dialog with the customers LogControl -WHM is constantly evolving and can be inexpensively on new projects are adapted. The high degree of standardisation reduces overall project costs and enables rapid adoption of the field-proven solution. There is already a large range of functions at low accommodation rates available. S.A., founded in 2004, E-Commerce, in the FMCG, retail, express, B2B, and B2C has RT RT-log log through a strong management with over 25 years of experience in transport, logistics, order fulfillment, solutions in Luxembourg, Europe and worldwide. An experienced and motivated team ensures smooth logistics in Luxembourg.

A neutral, independent partner for industry, trade and logistics industry in the Saar-Lor-Lux region, has modern installations with 6600 square meters and 8600 pallet spaces. Due to the central location in Europe, RT-log storage solutions offers management for E-Commerce, E-procurement, supply chain, first and last mile, distribution and returns. Contact RT-log S.A. Hans Kelderman Logistics Manager 34, Parc d’ activites Syrdall L-5365 Munsbach Tel.: + 352 26 34 62-33 fax: + 352 26 34 62-2 email: about LogControl LogControl, founded in 1990 based in Pforzheim, created and distributes innovative standard software for warehouse management, shipment processing, dispatching optimization and inventory controlling, sample inventory and supply chain management. If logistics providers, controls manufacturing or trade, the modular and customisable LogControl software and optimizes the logistic processes. Analysis and consultancy services complete the offer. Contact LogControl GmbH Carolin Holl (Marketing/PR) Blucher str. 32 D-75177 Pforzheim Tel.: 07231/58048-38 fax: 07231/58048-20 E-Mail:

A review on the development of an application based on the content management system eZ publish by Kurt Predl, USP-D consulting as responsible for USP-d for both the used hardware and software I consulting responsible. Developing own software actually not part of our core areas, because we offer special expertise in the areas of organisational and personnel development. For one of our services, the USP-D 360 degree feedback is a software but essential. So far in the use of Web version originally dating back to 2007 and no longer meets the future requirements for many reasons. So, the request of the product manager about the new development ended up on my table.

Maybe just to understand: what is a 360 degree feedback? It is an established human resources and organizational development instrument in which a leader receives feedback from several stakeholders (supervisor, employees, colleagues, internal and external customers and suppliers) and also estimates (self image). This feedback is based on a catalogue of competences, which is broken down and defined in about 60 questions. These questions are based on a scale (“by completely true” “up is not true at all”) answered. The juxtaposition of the self-image with the average foreign images to stakeholder groups and with competence groups divided, consultants offers very good insight, how this is perceived by their actions from the immediate environment of executives using the data interpretation by experienced USP-D. It then specific targets and support measures can be derived (see also.. and…). The requirements for the new software are also grown. Ease of use and security were once thought essential, so must the future be capable client, will offer the possibility to integrate customer requirements with regard to competences and design, as well as to automate the entire process of 360-degree feedback as far as possible and simple and rapid controlling instruments to ensure the cost-effective administration.

“Both companies bundle their competences Leipzig, Dresden, to ensure customers quick access to work-related documents and information 11.03.2013 – the data well Leipzig GmbH & co. KG supplemented their feature-rich document management software to the enterprise in cooperation with the interface projects GmbH search inter: gator enterprise search”. Both companies aims to offer customers a fast, secure and easy access to stored information. Creating and storing e-mail messages, documents, and files is usually very easy. The real challenge is then in the later retrieval of stored information.

Often, searching after costs of certain information-valuable work time and also nerves. With the interface projects GmbH, we have found a partner who with order in the chaos of the document is our philosophy hand in hand “to bring and to offer practical, simple solutions to our customers.” said Michael Woitag, Managing Director data freight Leipzig GmbH & co. KG. With the company wide search can find the users – considering the access rights – each fragment of information across application. Regardless of whether it is a document, calendar entry, a note or E-Mail is the requested information – and where it deposited has been (E.g.

in the Internet, file system, CRM, DMS, or Microsoft Exchange). In a matter of seconds, a graphical, comprehensive and clearly structured overview of the search results is produced for direct re-use. The search for specific data is possible at any time by traveling from – over mobile devices such as the Smartphone and Tablet PC. With the partnership, we combine our expertise in the field of enterprise search”with the document management-expertise of the company data well. Companies will benefit from a common technology, a seamless process by recording and processing the audit-proof storage and management down to quickly find again all data guaranteed. “, says Dr. Uwe Crenze, Managing Director of interface projects GmbH. About data freight Leipzig GmbH & co. KG, the data well Leipzig GmbH & co. KG is competent partner around the capture, archive, manage and search all company data. Business operations including associated files (E.g., contracts, personal data or project information) are grouped together into a digital file and all stakeholders are available even via mobile devices at any time. For many years, belonged to another software company the data good team from Zwenkau (Leipzig district) and already there was responsible for the area of document management. Early 2012 an independent company has evolved from this, with the managing directors Michael Woitag and Johann Jaeger (Hunter construction group) combines many years of experience in dealing with documents and concentrated industry expertise in a name. contact: Jessica Brandt marketing & PR data freight Leipzig GmbH & co. KG Tel: + 49 34203 432 385 E-Mail: User interface projects GmbH the interface projects GmbH is with the own product “inter: gator” one of the leading German enterprise search vendors. Inter: Gator is a smart, system-wide search engine and knowledge management platform with the user safely, quickly and conveniently can access to the internal information resources in an organization. In addition to the Universal Search offers the inter: gator dashboard extremely efficient ways to support business processes.