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A review on the development of an application based on the content management system eZ publish by Kurt Predl, USP-D consulting as responsible for USP-d for both the used hardware and software I consulting responsible. Developing own software actually not part of our core areas, because we offer special expertise in the areas of organisational and personnel development. For one of our services, the USP-D 360 degree feedback is a software but essential. So far in the use of Web version originally dating back to 2007 and no longer meets the future requirements for many reasons. So, the request of the product manager about the new development ended up on my table.

Maybe just to understand: what is a 360 degree feedback? It is an established human resources and organizational development instrument in which a leader receives feedback from several stakeholders (supervisor, employees, colleagues, internal and external customers and suppliers) and also estimates (self image). This feedback is based on a catalogue of competences, which is broken down and defined in about 60 questions. These questions are based on a scale (“by completely true” “up is not true at all”) answered. The juxtaposition of the self-image with the average foreign images to stakeholder groups and with competence groups divided, consultants offers very good insight, how this is perceived by their actions from the immediate environment of executives using the data interpretation by experienced USP-D. It then specific targets and support measures can be derived (see also.. and…). The requirements for the new software are also grown. Ease of use and security were once thought essential, so must the future be capable client, will offer the possibility to integrate customer requirements with regard to competences and design, as well as to automate the entire process of 360-degree feedback as far as possible and simple and rapid controlling instruments to ensure the cost-effective administration.

“Both companies bundle their competences Leipzig, Dresden, to ensure customers quick access to work-related documents and information 11.03.2013 – the data well Leipzig GmbH & co. KG supplemented their feature-rich document management software to the enterprise in cooperation with the interface projects GmbH search inter: gator enterprise search”. Both companies aims to offer customers a fast, secure and easy access to stored information. Creating and storing e-mail messages, documents, and files is usually very easy. The real challenge is then in the later retrieval of stored information.

Often, searching after costs of certain information-valuable work time and also nerves. With the interface projects GmbH, we have found a partner who with order in the chaos of the document is our philosophy hand in hand “to bring and to offer practical, simple solutions to our customers.” said Michael Woitag, Managing Director data freight Leipzig GmbH & co. KG. With the company wide search can find the users – considering the access rights – each fragment of information across application. Regardless of whether it is a document, calendar entry, a note or E-Mail is the requested information – and where it deposited has been (E.g.

in the Internet, file system, CRM, DMS, or Microsoft Exchange). In a matter of seconds, a graphical, comprehensive and clearly structured overview of the search results is produced for direct re-use. The search for specific data is possible at any time by traveling from – over mobile devices such as the Smartphone and Tablet PC. With the partnership, we combine our expertise in the field of enterprise search”with the document management-expertise of the company data well. Companies will benefit from a common technology, a seamless process by recording and processing the audit-proof storage and management down to quickly find again all data guaranteed. “, says Dr. Uwe Crenze, Managing Director of interface projects GmbH. About data freight Leipzig GmbH & co. KG, the data well Leipzig GmbH & co. KG is competent partner around the capture, archive, manage and search all company data. Business operations including associated files (E.g., contracts, personal data or project information) are grouped together into a digital file and all stakeholders are available even via mobile devices at any time. For many years, belonged to another software company the data good team from Zwenkau (Leipzig district) and already there was responsible for the area of document management. Early 2012 an independent company has evolved from this, with the managing directors Michael Woitag and Johann Jaeger (Hunter construction group) combines many years of experience in dealing with documents and concentrated industry expertise in a name. contact: Jessica Brandt marketing & PR data freight Leipzig GmbH & co. KG Tel: + 49 34203 432 385 E-Mail: User interface projects GmbH the interface projects GmbH is with the own product “inter: gator” one of the leading German enterprise search vendors. Inter: Gator is a smart, system-wide search engine and knowledge management platform with the user safely, quickly and conveniently can access to the internal information resources in an organization. In addition to the Universal Search offers the inter: gator dashboard extremely efficient ways to support business processes.