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Increased consular fees for receiving documents to the Consulate in the Czech Republic. The promise of the Czech Foreign Ministry on the introduction of a new rule in the case Request long-term visa to residence permit will be issued only vbza National Bohemian type D. Previously, a foreigner could ask for the issuance of long-term visa type D + C. Czech visa type D allows unlimited number of times to cross the Czech Republic during the term of the visa. Czech visa D + C allows to move the first 90 days of its action, both in the Czech Republic and in countries of the Schengen Union. Personal Insurance in the Czech Republic should not be less than thirty thousand euro at the time of obtaining a visa in the passport.

Foreigner is obliged to insure only one of the Czech insurance companies that are accredited by the Consulate Czech Republic and Czech police. Long-term insurance Foreigners are somewhat Czech insurance company. Insurance policy is a foreign citizen must present a visa for a residence permit at the time of pasting a visa in passport alien. The most important innovation of the Czech Foreign Ministry has been making a private matter for each applicant's fingerprints. By the application form when submitting documents to the Consulate of the Czech Republic, every foreigner since April 2010, obliged to make prints of all ten fingers of his hands. Requirements to address the company and private addresses in the Czech Republic are very high. According to the firm in Prague to begin reporting and work better with the first year of existence, it is Today is an important factor for extending the visa. Documents for immigration lawyers should prepare.

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