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The Tour seems to have rush to reach the high mountain. Today, a day before the first ramps of the Pyrenees, the HTC Touch and the Europcar have guided the peloton to the finish line at a breakneck speed despite the fact that it has been a wet day in which the rain came and went. The Group has shot to more than 43 km/h on average, already surpassing in descent, some moments the 75 km/h. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Acadenia and gain more knowledge.. front, escapees – Ruben Perez (Euskaltel), Dutchman Lars Boom (Rabobank), Ukrainian Andrey Grivkol (Astana) and the French Mickeal Delage (FDJ), Tristan Valentin (Cofidis) and Jimmy Engoulvent (Saur) – have kept the distance as they have been up to four kilometers of the goal. Land of Cavendish, by more than Greipel would prove, once again, otherwise. The Isle of Man rider already adds three sprints in this Tour and 18 in his career at the gala round. Source of the news:: Cavendish returns to the throne

The International Monetary Fund, after seven long hours of negotiation with the EU, rejected in the early hours of yesterday releasing the funds of 12,000 million euros for aid to Greece. The Ministers of economy and Finance of the euro zone failed in the attempt to reach an agreement to supply to Greece the fifth tranche of aid committed in May 2010 and who should deliver at the end of June to avoid greater evils. The IMF requires as a condition for giving green light to these funds (in your case, 3.3 billion of the 12,000 in total) the commitment of the eurozone to launch a second rescue plan. In turn, only Germany is willing to participate in aid if the banks agree to pay part of the Bill, and if Athens approves finally new austerity measures. Markets have reacted today to the lack in accordance with sharp falls on the stock exchanges and an upsurge of pressure against the debt of Greece and the rest of the euro, among them Spain peripherals. Source of the news:: Salgado discards the contagion to Spain after the blocking of aid to Greece.