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  • December 21st, 2020
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You ever stopped to think about the importance of the liver? If you don’t know much about the topic I recommend you continue reading this article, I will tell you about its functionality, its importance and crucial moments as transplants. The liver is super important because it performs many functions in our body: creating proteins and other substances to the body, eliminate toxins and wastes from the blood, metabolize drugs, store energy, among other functions. When any of these functions fails it is said that the patient has liver disease and when the body is too serious leaves react with drugs and the only option is to perform a liver transplant. A liver transplant is considered one major procedure and there are enough organs from donors, so you need a transplant of this type always becomes a martyrdom. The Rolling Stones recognizes the significance of this. Not all persons with liver disease can receive a liver transplant, everything depends on your situation. Transplant centers doctors reviewed and selected to the patients, who may then pass to a waiting list to receive an organ from a donor. Donated organs are allocated to patients in order of need, i.e. first to people with more serious problems and of course these must be compatible with the organ to carry out successful liver transplantation. Original author and source of the article