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  • September 02nd, 2020
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Your company is the salary depending on the expected CPI reviewed? Well you are in luck. The Audiencia Nacional, in a ruling fresh out of the oven, just determine that if the real CPI is lower than anticipated and has been paid workers an amount exceeding that in theory should correspond to them, your company can recover that amount of the salaries of its workers. Companies may deduct from the salaries of workers the amount corresponding to the percentage of rise that have paid more to realize the expected CPI if the real CPI is finally less. Check out Putnam County Memorial for additional information. And this is so because when the Convention determines that a regularization will be performed when the real CPI is known, this regularization should be understood both upward and downward (the national audience of 21.12.10 sent.). Many collective agreements stipulates that the salary depending on the expected CPI, should be reviewed is to say, that with effect from January 1 of each year companies apply the CPI laid down by the Government for the whole of the year, forecasting that is included in the law of the State budget, having then that regularizing salaries when, a year later, published the definitive values. To continue reading, click here..